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Every morning at 8:00 AM on Go 95.3Auggie 5000 and Sophia Eris bring you their Top 5 list, counting down their absolute favorites in all things hip-hop. From the triumphs to the hilarious and all points in-between, Auggie and Sophia always got your number!

The news on everyone’s mind is LeBron James making his way to the Los Angeles Lakers. A massive move in the basketball world, here’s the are the Top 5: Artists who are happy to see Lebron with the Lakers!

#5 Kendrick Lamar — “Loyalty”

#4 Lil Wayne — “Lollipop”

#3 Snoop Dogg — “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

#2 Drake — “God’s Plan”

#1 Ice Cube — “It Was A Good Day”

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