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Every morning at 8:00 AM on Go 95.3Auggie 5000 and Sophia Eris bring you their Top 5 list, counting down their absolute favorites in all things hip-hop. From the triumphs to the hilarious and all points in-between, Auggie and Sophia always got your number!

We think J. Cole‘s album K.O.D. is an instant classic. J. Cole’s commentary on the state of hip-hop and the demons that are living inside of it in 2018 is amazing, and the album’s timing is perfect. However, he’s not the first person to touch on these. Today’s Top 5: hip-hop exorcisms.

5) J. Cole – “KOD” 

4) Future featuring Kendrick Lamar – “Mask Off (Remix)” 
3) Logic – “1-800-273-8225”
2) UNK featuring Andre 3000 – “Walk It Out Remix”
1) Jay-Z – “The Story Of OJ”

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