Go 95.3 and Auggie 5000 want to spread the love this Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate, one lucky winner will be heading to beautiful and romantic Stillwater, MN to stay at the intimate Lora Hotel on the banks of the St. Croix River.  The prize pack will consist of:

  • One night lodging at the Lora Hotel
  • A romantic dinner for 2
  • Bottle of champagne
  • And more!

How to Win:

To enter, simply nominate you + your lover (or a couple you think deserves the prize) through the form below with a brief story of 95 words or less of why we should pick you. You can also upload a photo of the nominated couple which we will use to announce the winner!

Every day at 6:55am we will pull 2 stories to read on the air with Auggie 5000 + let the listeners vote on a daily winner for a consolation prize. All daily winners will be entered into the final grand prize drawing for the hotel stay package. Good luck + may this be the romantic Valentine’s Day we all deserve:

14 thoughts on “Contest: Win a romantic getaway to the Lora Hotel in Stillwater

  1. Me and my other half have nine children together we work Monday through Friday full-time job’s our oldest child is 16 ..our baby is 10 months, and we have never had a vacation due to life situations its way overdue may i add i have Never been on a airplane lol ..it will be well appreciated, also we never have romantic time with one another.

  2. BAE and I work all the time. He’s been doing upwards of 70 hours a week lately. I do child care and then run my babes around til 9 at night sometimes, with activities and errands. All while being active at church at least 2 nights a week. It’s damn near impossible to get alone time cause older kids go to bed later and know way too much 🙄 It would be nice to have a sweet stay-cation!

  3. Me and my fiance have been to together for 10 years we both have been working hard to better our lives and make a better way for our 2 kids (5and 2) i work Monday thru friday and she goes to school and she graduates later this year with a bachelor’s degree and her birthday is the 20th she has been nothing short of amazing…. it would mean the world to us to be able to finally get a baecation and pamper each other for once may i add she is the most helpful and caring person you’ll ever meet she definitely deserves to enjoy her self and me as well lol thanks auggie 5000 your the best and go radio is number 1

  4. My lover and I will be celebrating this Valentine’s Day by singing classic, old love songs at a Minneapolis senior community. We are both working graduate students and only get to see each other on the weekends, if we’re lucky. When we do see each other, we spend our time making music. We’re excited to jam out with some old folks on Friday afternoon but would love to spend the evening celebrating with a much-needed romantic getaway!

  5. Hey! We are parents of 3 and both work like crazy. We never have time to spend with each other alone because we are always trying to give our kids are all. We have been together for 5 years now. We just recently worked to get our beautiful new home, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms so a get away would be lovely! 😭

  6. My dad is a Senior Commander in the United States Navy and he’s been deployed overseas for the past year. He’s stationed in Djibouti, Africa, presiding over 5,000 US troops, and isn’t coming home to my mom, sisters, and I for some time still. I can’t explain how much of a rock my boyfriend has been for me during this time of fear and uncertainty. I want so badly to give him the Valentine’s Day he deserves for showing not just me but my family what real love, commitment, and protection looks like. It’s the greatest “thank you” I can imagine for stepping up to the plate. Xoxo

  7. Me and my fiance have been thru so much i lost my mom and grandma 6days apart then my 10 yr old 6 months later …now within the last two yrs we have been in two car accidents and put my fiance out of work we struggle together and pray together we make it work even with our other 5 boys we have we need time to relax and unwind.

  8. Me and my guy are always busy working and dealing wif our own personal lives we have a beautiful daughter together lost one in 2018 and our romantice life hasnt been the same since we would gladly appreciate this opportunity because when we do get together we are spending time wit our spoiled but dearlt loved daughter.. We have besn together for 5 yrs this time is well needed with all we been through…much love 😘😘

  9. Me and my lover are actually on the hunt for a new apartment or house and we’ve been stuggling but we are sleeping in and out of hotels and family houses but we stay stong in who we are together. We both have been trying to keep our heads on straight but it would be nice to get away.

  10. It’s our 5th yeah anniversary & we have 5 children and wanna get just a lil break to have some us time for two hard working parents. Thank you

  11. Hello I am nominating my Big sister Camille and her husband Larry Arman of 15 years. They have 3 boys, own a business and she works and goes to school full time. They need a well deserved break and I think this will be the perfect gift for them this 2020.

  12. Babe and I deserve this stacation or Baecation ! We have been working hard everyday Monday-Friday and doing it all with one vehicle starting our mornings at 5:00am! Alone time!? What’s that and better yet time to unwind and relax. Love is still in the air, it’s just lacking in the bedroom.

  13. What would describe a perfect Valentine’s Day for two people who are deeply in love with one another? Being able to escape their daily lives with no worries with simply anticipating the joy of one another in a calming and peaceful setting. I believe my babe and I are more than deserving of this Staycation. We’ll be more than thankful for being blessed with the opportunity to love on one another in a place as beautiful as this, all while remaining close to home. We’ll make it worth while.

  14. My Husband and I have been together for almost 14 years, married 6 years and have 5 children together. For awhile now we have been struggling trying to do what is best for our family but we havent had any luck. We work so hard but The storms haven’t calmed down yet & yet we are finding ourselves still trying to find housing.We have been homeless since April 2019 and we pay weekly rates living at a hotel with the 7 of us! It’s been expensive which doesnt give us any opportunities to be able to build and grow together nor find time for ourselves. We never have been able to have a date night in over years bc we have no support system or someone to be there so we can make time for each other. We are in survival mode and we have been trying to stay humble no matter what but we are finding ourselves becoming defeated! Despite the STORMS and struggles we keep trying to push through so we can show WE are doing our best to FIGHT ALL ODDS! Given this opportunity would be a blessing but regardless we are still going to FIGHT & CONQUER so we can be one living testimony!

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