Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 1/10/18

Ben, Dana and Giselle run down a list of the things you HAVE to see/do in the Twin Cities before you die. Also, what is the worst smelling place you’ve ever been? Thursday Morning, we’re giving you a chance to win Imagine Dragons tickets for being the 1st and last callers of the day. Plus, we’re […]

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 1/3/18

The fun part of winter is over and now we’re staring down into the cold abyss until spring. What do you do to avoid the winter blues? Our office flooded yesterday morning, the first day back from the holiday break, which got us thinking… What do you wish happened to your office so you could […]

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 12/20/17

Ben and Dana saw Pitch Perfect 3 during a special screening Tuesday night. But don’t worry, we always promise “NO SPOILERS” on the Morning Show! At what age do you feel like an adult? A lot of us still don’t. Plus, we also played the “It isn’t Christmas without… (fill in the blank)” game with […]

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 12/15/17

It’s FOODIE FRIDAY!! You MUST try Mucci’s Frozen Pizza. These very special pies have fried pizza dough for their crust. It’s amazing. Get them at Kowalski’s! Also, visit Mucci’s Italian in Saint Paul on Randolph. It’s the best restaurant I’ve been to in 2017. When you go, get the gnocchi and the fried chicken pizza.

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 11/30/17

It’s THIRSTY THURSDAY! Have you ever heard of Vodskey?? We hadn’t either, but our friends from Copperwing Distillery in Saint Louis Park brought some through. Also, CHECK THIS OUT: If you stop by their cocktail room this weekend and tell them you heard about it with Ben, Dana and Giselle on Go 96.3, you get […]

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s Replay: 11/10/17

IT’S TIME FOR FRIDAY JAMS! On Friday, we’ll play anything you want, all morning, as long as it’s a BANGER! On today’s show, we asked: “What’s the longest distance you’ve traveled to go see your favorite artist?” Finally, tell us something good! Life is heavy, adulting is hard, and we could use some good news.