Everyone hates their year end review. You dread it. You never know what your boss is going to say. Ben and Dana supposedly have their coming up this week so to get ready they give each other some things to work on. One of them left pretty disappointed.

$1000 Minute: Gabriel from Saint Louis Park played today for our NEW Grand Prize, including multiple nights out in the Twin Cities valued at more than $1000. Listen tomorrow morning at 7:35 to play!

Get To Know Question: What is the ONE question everyone asks you and you’re sick of it… Dana and his wife, Heather, are always getting asked when they’re going to have kids. The questions people ask veterans and other American heroes are disgusting.

Which state hates Minnesota most? A new survey came out today and you may be surprised… As for who we hate? DUH! Wisconsin.

Thanks for listening to Ben and Dana Make Mornings Suck Less on Go 96.3/Twin Cities!

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