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It was 30 years ago today that Beastie Boys‘ dropped their classic Paul’s Boutique. A masterpiece of sample-based production, widely influential across genres and one of the greatest webs of pop culture in American art, it’s easy to forget that initially upon release the album was a big ol’ brick.

A mistake at the hands of the American public, album has since become rightfully heralded as one of the finest releases of the 20th century, but even the finest statues had to start as rock.

So, on today’s monumental occasion, we’re presenting the original demo version of Paul Boutique, including the album’s signature track “Shake Your Rump.” You can really hear the sample pastiche that co-producers The Dust Brothers would later utilizing on Beck‘s Odelay and Hanson‘s “MMMBop,” and the alternate lyrics give a glimpse into what the Beasties’ writers’ room was like.

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