DONATE here and join Go 96.3 help Twin Cities Families in need!

Go 96.3 is partnering with BCE and will be supporting four local families by raising money/goods for local families in need. In the coming weeks, Go 96.3 will be announcing the four families that were chosen and will give you more ways to help make this Christmas the best.

To donate to our campaign, click here! We can’t wait to team up with the #GoFam to help these local families. In the coming weeks we’ll have more information on the other helping more families in the Twin Cities.

Go 96.3 is supporting four families this following holiday season. Below is a more about the second family we are going to help but we can’t do it without the #GoFam! Here at Go 96.3 we have a goal of raising $2000 for this family in need.  The best way to combat tragedy is with kindness. 

Family Two: Earlier this year, mother and child’s lives were cut short way too soon. The toddler was diagnosed with a rare medical disorder as an infant and was never able to beat it. As if this family didn’t already have their hands full, the mother was then diagnosed with cancer.  Both the mother and child lost their fights, leaving behind the father and two young children. As Christmas of 2018 was spent in the hospital, they were trying to figure out a way to get to Disney World for one happy memory as a family before it was too late, but they never got the chance. We are really hoping to surprise this family with new happy memories and raise money to give them a trip to Disney, but we need your help. Even if we can raise enough to a least get these kids some new toys and a swing set, to see smiles on their faces and lift their father’s spirits after a year filled with so much tragedy would be amazing. Things haven’t been easy, the cost of all that medical care has prevented them from being able to get a new oven when theirs doesn’t work and be able afford internet at their house. Anything you can do to help this family would be greatly appreciated. Even $1 dollar helps. This family has had an awful year and we want nothing more than to give them the best Christmas ever this year. 

The local non-profit Best Christmas Ever partners with businesses and community leaders to provide families with the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER, making a lasting change, a generational impact in their lives.

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