Big Trout Lake in Crosslake, Minnesota

Tis the season for…well…lots of things. But it is especially the season for looking back on the year that was and all of our favorite things from 2018. Ben and Dana are naming their favorite things from around town and also getting input from the #GoFam for their consensus as well.

I am not sure if you have heard, but there are over 10,000 lakes here in Minnesota. Swear to god! It says it on our license plates and everything. So Friday for our Best of 2018 we decided to pick our favorite lakes.

Ben – Lake Johanna/Madison Lake – Roseville/Blue Earth County

How do you pick just one when there are 10,000 to choose from. My favorite lake in the city is a tiny, little hidden gem in Roseville that I discovered when taking my motorcycle for a ride. Hmm, I wonder where this goes type of thing. It isn’t super sexy. Not a lot of people know about it, but it’s mine. That’s my favorite thing about Minnesota is that there are lakes everywhere and almost everyone is passionate about their favorite.

When I’m out of town, the lake I most like to hang out at is just East of Mankato called Madison Lake. I was born in Mankato and a ton of my relatives still live there so some of my favorite memories are spending summers there. My uncle had a summer spot on one of the other lakes in the area but Madison Lake was always so fun because that’s where he’d take me to pick up an extra pack of smokes and a case of Keystone. I realize everyone likes going to lakes up north, and I do too, just don’t sleep on Southern Minnesota.

Dana – Lake of the Isles/Big Trout Lake – Uptown/Crosslake

I picked two. I couldn’t decide between my favorite metro lake and my favorite big pond up north. I live a block from Bde Maka Ska (formerly Calhoun) but when it comes to the Uptown lakes, Isles is the cat’s ass. Ska is always overly packed, shirtless dude-bros, people walking while listening to music from their bluetooth, kids pooping in diapers…too much. Isles is much more peaceful. Plus, lakes with islands > lakes without islands.

My other favorite is Big Trout Lake up in Crosslake, Minnesota. My buddy Dylan’s family has a cabin on that lake and I have been going up there since I was a teenager. Some of my happiest memories have happened at that lake. Plus, any lake that connects to Moonlite Bay deserves a Ben and Dana Best of 2018 award.

#GoFam – All of them – The entire state of Minnesota

All of the texts, calls, messages, tweets we got on this one were all over the place. No surprise here, I mean, we do have 10,000 lakes and everybody is very passionate about their favorite. As caller Julie put it, “There is no such thing as a bad lake in Minnesota.” Amen, Julie.

Ben And Dana’s Best of 2018 List:

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