Tis the season for…well…lots of things. But it is especially the season for looking back on the year that was and all of our favorite things from 2018. Ben and Dana are naming their favorite things from around town and also getting input from the #GoFam for their consensus as well.

The Best of 2018 continued on Monday with a very, very big category. Your FAVORITE morning show in the Twin Cities.

Ben – Ben and Dana – Go963

With so many options but only one real answer, this long formulated question was easy to answer. Is there anyone else in the Twin Cities that make your Mornings Suck Less? I truthfully can’t answer that question because I’m working and unable to listen to anyone else. What I do know is that I have a blast with Dana every day and he makes my life so much more fun. Sometimes I cry because of laughing so hard.

Dana – Ben and Dana – Go963

I went back and forth on this one. I went right to the wire to make my decision. But despite how great Dave Ryan is, I ended up picking Ben and Dana for the prestige Ben and Dana Best of 2018 Award.

#GoFam – Ben and Dana – Go963

It was a clean-sweep! Even the Go Fam voted Ben and Dana. Not really a shock, is it? We do make mornings suck less. We vow to continue making them suck less throughout 2019.

Ben And Dana’s Best of 2018 List:

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