Wednesday is National Burger Day so we thought we would celebrate by listing our top three favorite burgers in town.


3. Ike’s Food & Cocktails – Downtown, Bloomington, and Minnetonka – The first time I bit into an Ike’s burger the juices and grease dripped down my face like a volcano eruption and I have never been happier.

2. Parlour Burger – North Loop/St Paul – What can I say about this burger that hasn’t been said before? It is a classic.

1. Nook – St Paul – The Paul Molitor is a Juicy Nookie stuffed with pepper jack and my favorite burger in the Twin Cities. This burger is so good that I once ate two in one sitting PLUS the fries.


3. Lion’s Tap – Eden Prairie – Just classic. So simple and so good. No big menu or fancy sauces you cannot pronounce. In fact, the menu is just printed on the wall. Also, they pop those burgers out so fast that it is really easy to reload because who wants just one? Bonus points for the crinkle cut fries.

2. Parlour Burger – North Loop/St Paul – I mean, come on? How can this not make every list imaginable. I was late to the game on the famed Parlour Burger and it had been so hyped up that I figured there was no way it could possibly be that good…then I took a bite and I am pretty sure I saw God. It is that good.

1. Lake and Irving – Uptown – Truly the hidden gem burger in the Twin Cities that is finally starting to get some recognition on social media. This one should always be among the lists of the heavy-hitter burgers in town. The menu describes it as “pat la frieda beef, cheese, shallot aioli, brioche bun.” I know what less than half of those words mean, but I know it translates to “damn good burger.”

Honorable mention: Whatever burger I am currently eating. There are really no bad burgers. Even I can grill an amazing burger. It is salty cow meat. I don’t discriminate.

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