Tis the season for…well…lots of things. But it is especially the season for looking back on the year that was and all of our favorite things from 2018. Ben and Dana are naming their favorite things from around town and also getting input from the #GoFam for their consensus as well.

For Monday’s Best of 2018 topic we decided to take a look back at our favorite Twin Cities moments. It has been quite the year, there were so many to choose from. But we were able to narrow it down to a favorite. Shockingly, mine involves chicken wings.

Ben – Snow Show 18

We throw a bunch of parties every year but this was by far the best! Not only of this year, but of all the years. Bastille, LANY, Albert Hammond Jr., and Last Import were perfect. It was lightly snowing outside and set the perfect scene for our yearly show of the same name. Everyone was so happy to be there, a lot of people grabbed my rear and and of course the beer. (Not necessarily the beer, but it went with my rhyming scheme.) Love you #GoFam!

Dana – Bonchon opening in Uptown

The fried chicken place of my dreams opened two blocks away from my house in Uptown and it wasn’t just the best moment of 2018 for me but quite possibly the best moment of my entire life. Sorry wedding day and future birth of children, but having a Bonchon in the neighborhood is just perfect. Their double fried chicken wings are the stuff dreams are made of.

#GoFam – Minneapolis Miracle

The votes were very split on this one with a lot of Go concerts in the mix, but the majority had fond memories of Keenam to Diggs for the Minneapolis Miracle. It was just nice that something good happened to Minnesota sports for a change.

Ben And Dana’s Best of 2018 List:

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