Tis the season for…well…lots of things. But it is especially the season for looking back on the year that was and all of our favorite things from 2018. Ben and Dana are naming their favorite things from around town and also getting input from the #GoFam for their consensus as well.

Concerts are part of the lifeblood here at Go963. We love live music and love our local venues even more. We have held #GoShows all over the Twin Cities in our world class venues. We pick our favorite venue and have the Go Fam’s vote as well.

Ben – The Palace – St Paul

Have you ever been to The Palace? If so, you know why I picked it as my favorite local music venue this year. The memories! We saw so many Go artists there this year including a magical night for Snow Show 18 with Bastille.

I’m a Saint Paul guy. It grew on me like a disease. Nothing against Minneapolis, because they have a lot of nice things, too, but the revitalization of the neighborhood surrounding The Palace was badly needed and it spurned a lot of growth. What’s old is new again and they knocked the rehab out of the park!

Dana – The Armory – Minneapolis

The Armory opening for those Super Bowl concerts this year (yes, the Super Bowl in Minneapolis was this year, even though it feels like it was 15 years ago) was a real game-changer. I went to see Pink with my wife was blown away with how cool that place was. You could hardly believe it used to be that weird parking ramp that the Lakers played in way back in the day.

The place is gorgeous, it can be configured for a ton of different sized shows, the bars run the entire length of the venue, and the atmosphere is so fun. I can’t wait to have more Go Shows at The Armory.

#GoFam – First Ave – Minneapolis

The Go Fam texted and tweeted for a bunch of different local venues, but not surprisingly the OG venue in town got the nod. First Ave truly is iconic and the venue every artist dreams of playing. We truly are lucky to have such a landmark here in Minneapolis. As Christine put it, “Prince would be mad at me if I voted for anything but First Ave.”

Ben And Dana’s Best of 2018 List:

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