RIP Arbys in Uptown 

Tis the season for…well…lots of things. But it is especially the season for looking back on the year that was and all of our favorite things from 2018. Ben and Dana are naming their favorite things from around town and also getting input from the #GoFam for their consensus as well.

For Friday’s edition of Ben and Dana’s Best of 2018 we are going to remember some of the loved ones we lost along the way. There is a natural circle of life with restaurants, some open, some close. But it’s important to remember the favorites we lost this year.

Ben – O’Garas – St. Paul

Woof! Another very tough decision to make so early in the morning. I mean, this year has been brutal for spots I used to crush all the time back in the day… That’s probably why a lot of these places are going away. We used to go but haven’t been in forever.

That’s not the case with O’Garas in Saint Paul, though. Yes, I know O’Garas is coming back but it just won’t be the same. Have you seen what happened to Nye’s in NE Minneapolis? It looks really fancy and is only a quarter of the size. They gutted it, ripping the soul right out of a legendary Twin Cities establishment. With a tear in my eye, I bid adieu to a place that introduced me to stewed cabbage and carrots, turned me on to Rueben’s and other Irish foods that sound awful but aren’t so bad, and the only place I’ve ever felt comfortable wearing a kilt in.

Dana – Uptown Arby’s – Uptown

I mean, where does one even start? I know what you’re thinking, “Dana, isn’t too soon to talk about such a tragedy? It has only been 11 months.” You are right, but a million years would still be too soon to speak of a loss as great as this. The only way to move forward is to acknowledge and come to grips with the past.

Are there other Arby’s? Yes. But there will never be another Uptown Arby’s. Rest in peace, sweet prince.

#GoFam – Wild Onion – St Paul

The Go Fam was all over the board on this one, which makes sense, since we lost so many great ‘raunts in 2018. Rudolphs, Legends, The Rabbit Hole all got love. But seems like the Go Fam has a lot of fond memories of tearing it up for birthdays at the Wild Onion in St Paul. The place was an institution on Grand and a destination for college students for more than a decade.

Ben And Dana’s Best of 2018 List


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