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Dana thinks Ben needs new hobbies. Ben loves collecting candles and finding good deals on meat but that’s not cool enough… One of the new hobbies involves a metal detector!

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey finally agreed to talk to Ben and Dana about their proposal to make the city better… Building a giant water slide in downtown Minneapolis. His counter proposal wasn’t received well. What do you think?

$1000 MINUTE: Carrie from Saint Paul played today and had a crack at our new grand prize of a staycation at Radisson Red, free stuff from the OUI Bar and SOLD OUT Billie Eilish tickets at The Armory! PLUS, we’re throwing in 5 one-hour massages from Elements Massage in Eden Prairie!

GET TO KNOW: What’s the weirdest reason you broke up with someone? Ben broke up with an elementary school girlfriend because he found out she ate glue. Dana broke up with a girl because she tricked him about playing Mario Kart. You don’t mess with his Nintendo time.

Click and listen because We Make Mornings Suck Less!

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