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We got into a big discussion about the best burgers in town in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, a day we take even more seriously than Christmas and Thanksgiving combined here on Ben, Dana and Giselle.

The burger debate is always a passionate one so we thought we’d share our favorite burgers in the Twin Cities. What’s yours? As always, you can hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or give our new after-hours hotline a call 612-470-2169 and leave a message. We might play it on the air.


The Paul Molitor at The Nook/Shamrocks in St. Paul. A cheeseburger that has thick, gooey Pepper Jack cheese just waiting to peek out and say hi is my absolute local favorite. Yes, I’m in love with my Twin Towns and their obsession with Juicy Lucy’s. Perfect seared patty and a homemade bun from a bakery down the street has my friends and family begging to take them back when they come to visit.


My favorite burger is a sleeper-hit at one of my favorite joints in my neighborhood. I firmly believe that the burger at Lake and Irving (conveniently located at the corner of Lake and Irving in Uptown) is right up there with the rest of the heavy-hitter burgers in town but for some reason doesn’t get enough attention.

A pair of patties, cheese, brioche bun. Simple yet perfect. You can add bacon if you want. Comes with fries and a salad all for $14 bucks. Combine that with the killer beer/cocktail list along with the chill, neighborhood vibe of Lake and Irving and you have a perfect spot.


When friends come to town, I don’t send them to get a Juicy Lucy (overrated af), I send them to get the Parlour Burger. This buttery masterpiece is made up of two juicy 5-ounce patties of brisket, ribeye and chuck roll, white American cheese, and a grilled egg bun. So salty. So buttery. Get in my face. Check out my other favorite burgers here!

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