6:00 Happy Tuesday! 

Well, yesterday was Police Appreciation Day but Ben, Dana and Giselle celebrated today with a wake up call to our favorite cop, Officer Cory Schmidt. Although it’s a day late, it was the thought that counts right? B, D and G had a busy morning and it was pretty slippery out there. Drive slowly and listen to Go 96.3 every morning from 6am to 10am.

6:15 Kids are expensive. Tap out now.

A new study suggests that kids are costing approximately $233,000 and that’s just for one of them. Who has that kind of money laying around? Planned or not, kids are making parents shell out quite a lot of money. We heard from Emmy, who has twins, last year alone she dropped $60,000 on child care including a night-nanny. We applaud all those parents out there making it work.

6:30 Free pizza, where?

Dana and Giselle were giving Ben a tough time on his gym tactics. Here’s something that might make you work out more, FREE pizza and bagels? Ben hangs at his local Planet Fitness where the “Lunk Alarm” is a thing (it’s to keep all those gym rats that grunt too much out). There’s also free pizza on Mondays and on the second Tuesday of every month, there are free bagels. What is something that motivates you at the gym? If you’re sticking to your New Year resolution, keep it up! Just treat yourself every once and a while because pizza is a food group.

6:50 The Trend 

Well, people are still screwed up and trying to poison dogs in St. Paul neighborhoods. Arrests have been made in the Kardashian robbery in Paris and it may have been an inside job, according to reports. The Clemson versus Alabama game ended in a huge upset as Clemson came back to win the game in the last seconds.

7:15 Dogs at work is a thing.

What might make your workday a little bit better? People are now saying OK to dogs in the work place, and what goes best with puppies? Beer. Tapping a keg at the end of a workday for some in-house happy hour is very enticing, right?

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Amanda wrapped up her game of $1000 Minute with a wild guess into who has a dog on the show. Play with Ben, Dana and Giselle every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

We had some of the great responses from everyone who called and texted in to answer today’s question: “What is one movie that scared you as a kid?”. Child’s Play is being remade and will probably be even scarier than before, you will not be seeing Ben and Dana at that movie. Intern Anna watched The Ring for the first time on a farm, so that’s ruined. E.T., Children of the Corn, and Indiana Jones are all scaring the Beetlejuice out of us. Everything from Edward Scissorhands to Gremlins we just can’t recover from. Get to know Ben, Dana and Giselle every morning!

8:30 Butt Pads are a thing. 

Butt pads are a thing and now people openly know about them thanks to Kristen Bell, who showed off the addition to her outfit pre-Golden Globes. It’s hard being a girl with all those hair and eyelash extension, corsets, and Spanx. It’s not just heels and a dress anymore. There’s a lot of work that goes into looking ~natural af~.

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