6:00 Dear Mr. Plow

It’s Wednesday, people. Hard to believe, but we’re all struggling along with you. We gave an ode to Mr. Plow, yes the Homer Simpson character, on behalf of all those drivers out there. Shoutout to all the Mr. Plows out there who get to drive giant trucks and dump snow where they please. B, D and G dedicate their show to you. Also, in case you missed it, “golden showers” were trending on Twitter last night. We told you why.

6:15 Farewell Obama

On Tuesday night, President Obama delivered his farewell speech to the nation. There were a couple questions like “Where was Sasha?” Don’t worry, she wasn’t a rebel, she just had a big science test to study for. We’re all wondering the same thing, why did Vice President Biden not give more finger guns? Well, thank you President Obama for the last eight years, we’re not sure what it will be like without you. Seriously… help.

6:30 Would You Rather 

Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna got in on the fun this morning in an intense game of “Would You Rather”. Let’s just say, no one can make these life choices. Ben, who would you rather marry? A Green Bay Packer fan or a Trump supporter? Dana, soccer or Nintendo? Giselle, would you rather meet a panda or the love of your life, but not both? Things got interesting.

6:50 The Trend 

Target Field will be announcing a big concert coming this summer. “Golden showers” was trending last night because Buzzfeed broke an article stating that President-elect Trump hired Russian Escorts to pee on each other, isn’t that lovely? Finally, President Obama gave his farewell speech last night, and we’re all grabbing the tissues and our best finger guns.

7:15 Love is real, sort of…

There’s a recent trend in men taking their partner’s last name, and not everyone is on board. Anyone can really change their name to anything they want, like Intern Anna could change her last name to Hammock then her name would be Banana Hammock.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Sukanya played $1000 Minute for her chance to win? Guess what? She did! Everyone takes home money on 96.3 with B,D and G.

8:15 Get To Know

It seems that the gyms are still busy due to the whole #NewYear #NewMe, but don’t worry, you’re doing something healthy for yourself. So we wanted to know, what is your go-to work out song? Ben is listening to Rihanna’s “work work work work work work (lost track somewhere after “work”). Dana is kicking back to all those angsty female pop vocalists. Giselle just wants to listen to anything she can dance to (with a bass drop). What are you jamming out to on the treadmill, or when you are getting your lift on?

8:30 Micro Apartments are a thing. 

Ben has always wanted to live in a tiny house but the whole “yard” thing is still holding him back. Now that there’s micro apartments though, he’s in the market. We talked to Devin, the Vice President of Development and Property for these new micro spaces, about why this trend is taking off, and what differentiates a microapartment from your average studio apartment. It’s a thing people, and Ben might be the first to jump on the (micro) bandwagon.

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