Good morning! We all know Ben wants to date someone, but he’s never considered courting until now. One of our (well, not Dana’s) favorite shows is 19 Kids and Counting (now named Counting On), and we think Ben has a pretty good chance at courting Jana, the oldest Duggar. Have no idea what we’re talking about? It’s that southern family with literally 19 kids and a scandalous past. Besides that, we’re a week out from Black Out Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving that is one of the biggest party nights of the year. If you see Intern Anna out that night, make sure she makes it home safely.

6:15 Here are some pretty useful products you need in your life

We found a pretty awesome list of random stuff that could make your day a little easier. Ben found his gifts for us! Intern Anna is getting a Nettie Pot, the cool thing you put in one nostril and “stuff” comes out the other. Dana is getting a hot dog maker to assist his hot dog rollers that G previously bought him, and G is getting that hair swirly thing for the drain. We all decided that we needed an avocado knife, though.

6:30 What’s Popular that You Hate?

Have you ever been really annoyed by something that everyone else around you seems to love? Giselle is hating on Disney movies, I mean seriously, how stupid can those princesses get? Also, we have a bone to pick with camping. Who would pay to act like they’re homeless and living in a tent? Glamping doesn’t count, people. Dana is over people paying to run in 5k’s and marathons when the streets are free all the time. Ok, rants over now.

6:50 The Trend 

Minnesota topped another list that we can pat ourselves on the back about. Uber and Mall of America have teamed up to make your holiday shopping easier, because who really wants to spend half an hour parking only to lose your car in a couple of hours with hella bags in your hands? If you’re traveling this holiday season, well, plan on taking some extra time out of your day. It will be the largest traveling holiday season since 2007.

7:15 Check in with Kenda 

Our friend Kenda called us last week with a problem surrounding the election and her boyfriend. She’s committed to her boyfriend, but he and his family are Republicans and supporting Trump. She doesn’t feel the same way, and it has started to come between them in their relationship. We checked back in with her this morning to see how the election results impacted her relationship.

7:30 $1000 Minute 

James, not Dave or Dane, played $1000 Minute this morning. He claimed Snuffy’s has a juicy lucy, eh, we gave it to him anyway. Play along every day with Ben, Dana and Giselle at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

We asked you what you wanted to Get To Know about your newest radio station in the cities. So we were asked: “What swimming pool full of food do you want to jump into?” Dana is diving into mashed potatoes, G started with ranch but quickly changed to some Yum Yum sauce. Ben topped every one though, with some nacho cheese.

8:30 Best Dives in Town

Although those fancy places with expensive drinks are nice once and a while, it’s the dive bars that really make a city awesome. We counted down the best dive bars around town. Ben wondered if it had to be damp, almost wet, at every dive. Dana is headed over CC Club. We breakfast at Cuzzy’s after the show sometimes. It’s not where to be “seen” anymore, it’s really about who has a better pool table and tap beers for $2.

Rap Up

Don’t forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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