6:00 It is Friday! Yay!

Happy Friday to all the party people and OG’s out there. Ben, Dana and Giselle kicked back all morning long with a show just for you.

6:15 Friday the 13th

Intern Anna is very superstitious, and surrounds herself with luck like four leaf clovers. The number 13 isn’t nearly as scary as the number 6 and black cats are subpar compared to everything else lurking under the full moon. It’s ok, everyone will make it through the day just as long as they stay in a nice safe place with ladybugs and horse shoes.

6:30 Can Can Wonderland 

Chris stopped by the studio on to talk about the opening of Can Can Wonderland, a new indoor mini golf course with a twist. It is an artist designed mini golf stop in the cities. They have a full bar, carney food, and live entertainment. They opened on Thursday at 10am. 

6:50 The Trend

Vice President Biden received the highest civilian honor: the Presidential Medal of Freedom with distinction. The National Football League kicks off playoffs this weekend with the Green Bay Packers versus the Dallas Cowboys. A new Nintendo gaming system named the Nintendo Switch made its debut .

7:15 Favorite Food Stops

A list of the 38 essential Minnesota restaurant stops came out and B, D, G and A weren’t too keen on all the stops, because the list missed their favorites! Ben’s first stop is Shamrock’s in St. Paul for the best burgers in town. Giselle is headed to our friends at Young Joni for artisan pizza and hella good veggies. Dana is in agreement with everyone that Iron Door Pub in Uptown is the place for the blackened buffalo wings, tator tots, and burgers. We’ve all got our favorite food and what better place to be then in the Twin Cities for all the best.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Julie, who was very excited and a little nervous to play but guess what? She took home cash money for the weekend! Play with Ben, Dana and Giselle every morning at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

Everyone has that car exhaust smell in the morning but thats Ben’s favorite smell. Everyone loves the dryer sheets just all over. Giselle was about to be huffing sunscreen, specifically something coconutty. Everyone seems to love puppies and babies. Baking cookies, fresh cut grass, all those ~feels~ you get when you smell that favorite.

8:30 That Damn Water Filter 

Dana and Heather are perfect in every way and they are pretty much #RelationshipGoals. There’s just one quirk to Heather though…she refuses to fill up the water jug when she’s done with it. Why? It gets heavy. She surprised Dana with a phone call in about everything he does like having to clean up his toys or even forgetting to shut the refrigerator. Whatever it is everyone love Dana and Heather. Never change guys.

9:30 Foodie Friday: American Pie Pizza 

Welcome Dean from our friends at American Pie Pizza. Located in Richfield and family owned and operated, they have an extensive menu that delivers, every taco, chicken wing and slice of cheese cake your heart desires. The best part might be that they deliver 24/7 almost (they are closed for 12 hours on Christmas Day) but besides that, they might just become your new best friend.

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