6:00 It’s Friday, Let’s Get Weird

It was early and Ben, Dana and Giselle kicked off Friday with some good vibes and some weird vibes. They had a show to do and it’s Friday so why not just have some fun?

6:15 Happy Vibes

Today will be a memorable day in history. Whether you woke up angry, happy or sad, everyone can find something to be happy about. Kittens are soft and when you pet them they purr nicely. Chocolate exists. Fruit is the earth’s natural candy. People celebrate birthdays with frosted cakes. MIND BLOWN. Aren’t all these things just happy and fluffy? B, D and G are here to help.

6:30 The Reasons You’ve Been Fired

Dana had a pretty good story about his time at Enterprise car rental (although he technically quit). He had another yarn about getting called an idiot by the waitress on his order ticket at a bar one night. Only problem for her was, Dana knew the owner. Let’s just say she didn’t last long.

6:50 The Trend

It is inauguration day and because of that, there are multiple protests throughout the Twin Cities. There is a walk out scheduled at the University of Minnesota and a walk with up to 45,000 people in attendance at the Capital on Saturday.

7:15 Do you want to share a Costco membership?

Ben, Dana and Giselle’s “friend” was asked by a guy she’s “talking to” (lots of quotation use here) to share a Costco membership. WTF does that mean? Maybe he just wants a giant cheap bottle of ranch dressing, or maybe this is how he’s saying he’s interested in being more than just friends with benefits.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Sam knew just how many stripes were on the American flag and took home cash because of it. Play along with Ben, Dana and Giselle every day 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

Ed Sheeran recently built an underground pub with secret access in his house, so that got B, D and G thinking…what would we do to trick out our dream house? Ben would want a fishbowl bedroom, you know, like those ones that you sleep under all the fish. Dana would be all about adding the bar from Cheers (people included). There was a Mario Kart track, decked out dream tree houses and a room solely dedicated to blankets and pillows. Who wouldn’t want that?

8:30 When the S.O. is gone…

Dana’s wife is out of town for the weekend so he’s got the house to himself. Whats going to change? Nothing at all except the amount of meat he might consume. Lucky for him, the arcade, chicken wings, and happy hour are all regular things around the house. Even more #relationshipgoals for everyone.

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