6:00 It’s Almost Snow Show!

With so much bad news this morning, we’re counting down to Snow Show 2016 to brighten up everyone’s day!

6:15 2016 Continues to Suck 

Alan Thicke is dead. To make matters worse, he tweeted just hours earlier about playing hockey with his 19 year-old son, before suffering a heart attack. 2016 has sucked enough and now this, where are you 2017?

6:30 Worst Songs of 2016 (According to Entertainment Weekly)

We’ve never taken Entertainment Weekly‘s advice before, but they recently came out with a list of the worst songs of 2016. First up was “Banana Brain” as one of the worst offenders. Their list contained some songs that we disagree with though, like M83’s “GO” and Blink 182’s “California,” because those are some our favorites.

6:50 The Trend 

Alan Thicke has died at age 69. Apple has finally released their “air buds” and no, they’re not a robot version of the dog from Air Bud (although we wish it was). Finally, prepare for the world to end sooner rather than later according to NASA.

7:15 Green Mill is Closing in Uptown

Green Mill, a staple in Uptown, will be closing it’s doors to be replaced by a new Red Cow location. After the recent opening of Giordano’s just down the street, it’s been a slow race to the finish ever since. Ben would hate to see Shamrock’s and The Nook in St. Paul close, Giselle is still upset about Sunset’s in Wayzata, and Dana would hate to see the CC Club Bar close. Change isn’t always good, ok world?

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Chris played a great game of $1000 Minute and took home $10 right from the start, just for being a great guy. Play along everyday at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

Alan Thicke, one of the best family sitcom dads, is gone. We wanted to know what other TV characters you wished you could have grown up with. Andy Griffith, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson and Danny Tanner are all some of the best dad’s we wish we had around, but living-on through syndication will have to do for now.

8:30 Lily’s Update 

We heard back from our friend Lily, who has a little bit of a situation to deal with from her weekend. To fill you in, she hooked up with her desk neighbor at work after a night of tequila at the holiday party. No one wants to miss this office romance story!

Don’t forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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