6:00 Snow Show Rocked

We all had a late night last night at Snow Show 2016, but don’t regret a thing, especially after getting to see Coin sing “Talk To Much.” A big thank you to all of our sponsors, and Miles for putting this all together. By the way, we’ve got a special deal for you today, we’re having a blow out on Snow Show tickets. Just kidding!

6:15 Minnesota Football Players 

The recent Minnesota football scandal took another turn last night, as the team and their coach are standing behind the recently suspended players and boycotting all football activities including the upcoming Holiday Bow.

6:30 Missed Connection: Snow Show Edition

One of our friends, Liam, called after Snow Show last night looking for his love-at-first-sight. He had an accent ladies, sounds like the total package. He described her as green eyes, 5’3″ ish, and wearing a North Face coat. We want to help him find his missed connection so he don’t have to use Craigslist.

6:50 The Trend

In case you were trying to leave your house this weekend, don’t. The high on Sunday, the high…will be -7. Yes, you’re reading that right. In Gopher news, the team and coaching staff has unified to boycott the university’s suspension of 10 players. Rogue One is out today for all the Star Wars fans, and if you do try to leave the house, it will be worth it.

7:15 Surviving the Winter

No one really knows this about Minnesota, but it gets cold. It gets really friggin’ cold. For god’s sake, the high on Sunday will be -7. Make sure to have gas in your car, an extra pair of gloves, and some warm socks. If all else fails, stay inside for the rest of the winter. Spring will be here…eventually.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Wes played a stellar game of $1000 Minute on Friday. He took home $80 to use this weekend inside and away from the frigid arctic tundra.

8:15 Get To Know

Speaking of the arctic tundra, we wanted some ideas on Get To Know for some fun things to do while we’re stuck inside. Ben will be building blanket forts, making a fire and just hanging out. Dana’s best advice is to throw some food in the crock pot, and stock up on the booze and DVDs.What ever you do though, don’t put sleds behind cars.

8:30 Missed Connection: Part 2

Well, it sounds like Liam might have found his lost love from Snow Show…or did he? Nicki called in, and she is definitely the one he was talking to, but she wasn’t exactly into it. Bad breath and pretty drunk? She wasn’t having it. We’re not even sure if love exists and we’re pretty sure that the first Ben, Dana and Giselle wedding won’t be happening any time soon.

9:30 Foodie Friday

Welcome Ann from Young Joni, she’s also the owner of Pizzeria Lola and Hello Pizza. Located near Dangerous Man Brewing, Young Joni offers craft cocktails and wood fired pizza. We were all about those meatballs though!

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