6:00 Happy Hump Day

It’s hump day, and a high school teacher in Ohio was investigated for writing out a (wildly) inappropriate math equation for his students.

6:15 Seriously, Target’s smell different. 

Giselle has a friend in town in need of some serious fun around Minneapolis. There’s the typical Mall of America day, visiting the eighth floor of Macy’s (that was a dud), and Target. Yes, a Minnesota Target smells different, and is just a better experience than Targets located anywhere else. G and Intern Anna agree but Ben says all Targets are the same and they smell just like home.


We heard from Fred, not Frank, the general manager over the at the new SMAAASH. In case you haven’t heard, it is the new gaming and go kart racing indoor facility at the Mall of America. If you have ever wanted to build a rollercoaster then take a ride on it, their virtual reality coaster is for you.

6:50 The Trend 

The State Patrol is warning you about brushing off the ice on the top of cars, that ice could cause major problems for cars behind you. Alec Baldwin only makes $1400 per episode of Saturday Night Live, but he’s really in the win though, because he works for less than 10 minute. Last up, just in time for Christmas travel, gas prices are going to increase so start stocking up now.

7:15 We’re all trying to get rich quick, right?

About a month ago Chris Pratt admitted to eating people’s leftovers when he was a waiter pre-fame. We all felt that we could admit to eating leftovers that looked like they were from decent people, and who would turn down some extra fries? Well, someone got smart and is helping to repurpose all that extra food waste by creating an app that sells it at a discounted price near closing time.

7:30 $1000 Minute

On her first day of listening she played $1000 Minute, thank you Markie for listening and playing. She may have gotten a few questions wrong, but ended up snagging some extra cash just for being awesome. Listen every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

We all have at least one giant popcorn tin that rolls into the office every holiday season, but what does your first choice of flavor (caramel, cheese, or standard) say about you? I mean who in the world is just eating caramel popcorn? Not us. Whatever way you are eating popcorn, someone will judge you unless it’s cheesy popcorn only.

8:30 Peeing in the shower is totally acceptable.

There has been a heated disagreement between Dana and his wife, Heather. Dana pees in the shower, and Heather is just disgusted by that. Well, Dana might not be so wrong about it because 61% of Americans admitted that they pee in the shower. We heard from you on what is “socially” acceptable because we all think it’s just fine.

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