6:00 – Intern Anna is missing again

Happy Friday! Ben and Dana decided to conduct an experiment on Giselle that had Intern Anna running around town for dark roast coffees. It’s was Friday Jams, Foodie Friday and a show full of fun. Thanks for listening in to Ben, Dana and Giselle.

6:15 – Thanks for nothing, Vikings

You would have thought Mike Zimmer was dead or dying after watching the tributes to last night’s game. Yet, after all the hype surrounding the missing coach, the Vikings still failed us losing 15-17 up against the Dallas Cowboys.

6:30 – Battle of the coffee

Giselle is adamant that Caribou coffee just isn’t right and Starbucks dark roast and even gas station coffee tops her list. She may not be a coffee expert, but she swears she can taste the difference! In scientific fashion, we conducted an experiment in a blind taste test.

6:50 – The Trend 

Mall of America is hosting a black Santa this Christmas season, but because 2016 sucks, the Star Tribune had to put a lock on the comments on the story. The Vikings lost last night and there’s more drama surrounding Zimmer’s detached retina (seriously, don’t Google it). He may not be cleared to fly for the upcoming Jacksonville game but he will be driving according to their contingency plan. Macy’s in downtown, opened in 1902 will be hosting their last Christmas as they plan on closing their doors permanently.

7:15 – Creative things people are doing to their ashes 

There is a company that is now turning ashes into pottery art. We’re not kidding. Maybe the thought of drinking out of a mug made out of your loved ones appeals.

7:30 – $1,000 Minute

Bailey did great playing $1,000 Minute this morning, not getting any wrong but definitely taking her time. She took home $80 for the weekend. Play everyday with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

8:15 – Get to Know

The creator of the Big Mac passed away this week and he had a Big Mac every week. We wanted to know what your favorite fast foods were from the past or maybe still your go-to anytime you’re craving some chicken nuggets or pizza. Treat yourself with a Big Mac and pour out some special sauce for the creator, Michael Delligatti.

8:30 – Don’t drink and work

A funny story is erupting over the girl who wrote an email to her professor after wisdom teeth surgery, signed love you. Well, everyone has a pretty funny story about maybe being a little too drunk responding to an email or finishing a project that turned out pretty good. What’s the worst that could happen?

9:30 – Foodie Friday 

Welcome Ian from The Smoking Cow and The Curious Goat. They brought in some seriously unreal smoked meat nachos that B, D and G couldn’t get enough of. Join The Smoking Cow for brunch at Modist on Sunday’s and The Curious Goat all weekend long at Sociable Cider Works. We’re already craving more.

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