6:00 Let it snow, let it snow 

Everyone woke up this morning to a fresh coat of powder covering the Twin Cities, so be careful driving whereever and always listen to Ben, Dana and Giselle. Something was different about Ben this morning, but what could it be? He’s been to the gym the last two days and looking more ripped than ever! John Cena might be getting jealous because theres no more jiggling going on here! #FitFam

6:15 Anna Went Crazy

There were some angry tweets sent out by dear Intern Anna and B, D and G were wondering just what got her into such a mood. Turns out she ran into her arch nemesis at the gym…again. Long story short, this girl was once a BFF that slept with an ex boyfriend (drama!) and now she’s sleeping with even more friend’s exes (more drama!) Going a little crazy might have been an understatement when you find out what Intern Anna did after the run in.

6:30 What is healthier?

Everyone has to avoid the gym sometimes, and if you have some balance between you and the fridge, everything is ok right? So, G asked everyone, what is healthier? Soy milk or almond milk? Next up, which burger is the healthiest? Turkey, beef or veggie? The answer might surprise you!

6:50 The Trend

Target lines might be getting shorter soon, because the company is adding features where you can buy items on the Target app, and they are expecting to roll it out by the end of the year. A sushi stop in town is expanding to ten more locations. SotaRol opened in Stadium Village, and are expected to open in Uptown in February. Starbucks around the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs have been getting robbed at the early hours in the morning.

7:15 Myspace > Everything 

There are those things everyone did on computers that simply nobody does anymore. All those disposable cameras that was always a surprise when you developed it at your local photo stop. Updating statuses in third person, and being “married” to your best friend on Facebook. Everyone was a part of at least a couple (hundred) groups named, “lost phone, need numbers.” What other hilarious and downright nostalgic things do you remember in the days before Twitter and Smartphones?

7:30 $1000 Minute

Sarah was a little off putting the Wild up against a baseball team? That’s ok! She still took home the money. Play along everyday at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

Big news, My Super Sweet 16 is coming back to MTV, renamed My Super Sweet, leaving it open to just throw parties at any age (G, we’re looking at you with the double-quinceanera). What other classic MTV shows do you want to see back for the betterment of society? Ben is begging for Parental Control and Pimp My Ride to make a comeback. Dana is looking back on Cribs but he’s begging for a “Where are they now?” edition of Room Raiders.NEXT and True Life are both classics, and everything we want back in our life. But really, Nick and Jessica for ever.

8:30 We need an app for that.

What are some apps that you need in your life to make it a little bit easier? An app titled “Hinder” where you can locate your friends on Tinder dates and crash, them because the more the merrier, right? What about an app that deletes your number off other people’s phone (uhh why is that not a thing yet?). Our favorite comes in the form of a Grub Hub and Uber where the food delivery person just takes your home post-bar close. Ask Dana about it, he’s done it.

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