6:00 Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Batteries 

Well it feels like 2 degrees outside, and that means that winter is officially here. As long as we have snow by Christmas we’ll all be happy, so get ready for four potential inches of snow in the forecast this week. Here’s a fun fact for you: What do you think 40% of people admit to doing at all those holiday parties this time of year? The answer might have surprised you or not, but it’s not stealing the AA batteries like Dana does.

6:15 Days Like This 

The air is dry, the wind is freezing, and the low pressure system has moved in. Giselle said that this kind of weather clears up skin and gets rid of all that extra oil. Ben can barely breathe and Dana’s nose is cracked so we’re all in need of a giant humidifier (distilled water only please)!

6:30 Your Food Probably Isn’t Going to Waste

Chris Pratt recently admitted to eating customers’ leftover food when he was a waiter, prior to his fame and fortune. Seriously, wasting food is wrong. Why not put it to good use? Ben used to eat people’s leftover pizza, minus the bite marks (he would just cut around those). What about all that extra popcorn at the theater? Well, theaters just bag it up anyways and Dana takes advantage! It’s like $900 of popcorn right there!

6:50 The Trend

Time‘s Person of the Year award goes to Donald Trump who, for better or worse, has changed the way the world views politics. Instagram has debuted a feature where users can now like comments. Lastly, in a not-so-shocking study, driving with less than five hours of sleep is comparable to driving drunk.

7:15 Best Kid Gifts for Adults 

As a kid, Ben remembers that getting undies and socks was the absolute worse. Now though? We are begging for undies, socks, clothing and PJs. Who wouldn’t want a brand new blanket that you can use all winter long? Gift cards? Hand them over! What other things did you get as a kid that would be the best gifts now?

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Jeff played a great game of $1000 Minute and only missed two? Guess how much he took home! That’s right, $80.

8:15 Get To Know 

KFC sold out of their fried chicken sunscreen and now they have fried chicken-scented candles. So we wanted to know what kind of candle you want burning in you house. People do love gasoline, but it’s really the smell of Dana’s high school locker room that’s bringing back the memories. Our favorite combo went to funfetti cake and bacon, because honestly, who doesn’t love that duo? Maybe a nice campfire scent, or smoking ribs would really top off the holiday season right.

8:30 Side Hustles

Everyone is in a little need for some extra cash during the holiday season (or all the time), so we filled you in on some different things you can do to make some money. If you live near your S.O., try to Air BNB your place and spend the weekend at their place. Uber driving and ride-share services can pay big. Becoming a bartender or waitress once a week is great for the tips. It was Giselle’s gift that we liked the most, selling old underwear is (apparently) a thing. People are weird like that and if you can get some extra cash, why not right?

9:50 – Rap Up

Don’t forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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