6:00 It’s Friday Friday Gotta Get Down on Friday

Tonight is the Go Local Battle of the Bands at the Fine Line! Ben, Dana and Giselle will be kicking back with Whosah, Time Atlas, John Chuck and The Class, Clay Borrell, and Saving Vinyl City, who will be going head to head for their chance to open for Snow Show 16. Did we mention it’s free?

26 million of these things are sold every single year, can you guess what they are ? It’s Christmas trees, which you can purchase at the Calhoun Square tree lot all weekend long.

6:15 Guy Questions

Today B, D and G found a very interesting food trend: breast milk ice cream. Speaking of babies, Ben had a couple questions about this whole baby thing because he was invited to a baby shower. Does he get a gift even if he can’t go? What is this new trend in post-baby co-ed baby showers? What do you think is proper etiquette?

6:30 When You Just Start Dating 

So, you just started dating but with Christmas around the corner, should you get a gift? Giselle suggested that a funny (maybe naughty) card and baking something extra yummy is a good choice. Let’s be honest though, you can create a pretty great hangover kit from the gas station because gas station gifts are the best!

6:50 The Trend 

American hero and astronaut John Glenn has died. Speaking of dying, the average life span has decreased for the first time since the 1990’s. Last up, Dana’s friend (they got drunk together once, who’s jealous?) John Cena will be hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

7:15 Getting Kicked Out of An Uber

Uber has officially come out with the seven things that will get you banned from their service for life. First up, don’t have sex, hook up or any kind inappropriate touching with drivers or other riders. Check out your Uber score to find out just how close you might be to getting banned!

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Keegan got stumped on the countdown to Christmas but got through 8 questions with ease. Play along with us every day at 7:30am. You could be the next winner!

8:15 Get To Know 

Madonna recently admitted to making out with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (insert throwing up emoji here), so our obvious question on Get To Know was “What not-so-hot celebrity would you make out with?” Someone we all can agree on? Betty White at any age.

8:30 The Hatchimal 

We gave away The Hatchimal to Pete for his two “cuties.” They were pretty cute, we’re not lying. We were all so happy to make some kiddos really happy this Christmas!

9:30 Foodie Friday with PUBLIC kitchen + bar <

Lee and Cole were in studio from PUBLIC kitchen + bar, hanging out and celebrating the local food scene and $10 bottomless mimosas. They make everything totally from scratch besides their ketchup. Check out their unreal brunch, wings, and beer cheese dip (no seriously, you’ll want to bathe in this).

9:50 – Rap Up

Don’t forget the Daily Rap Up with Chaz Kangas (@chazraps) who freestyles a secret word and recaps everything we talked about previously in the show.

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