6:00 It’s Tuesday Party People 

Last night got crazy when Dana finally picked up his very own humidifier. He’s really living on the edge there. Giselle had quite the encounter on a Craigslist advertisement for some lawn chairs that ended in meditation and having absolutely no trust in people who own more than five folding chairs. We gave Ben, the first caller of the day, a nice $25 gift card to Nicollet Diner for some boozy shakes and breakfast on Ben, Dana and Giselle.

6:15 One Bite or Two?

Is your favorite snack a two-biter, or is it a one biter? Ben has one quirk, he’s taking multiple bites of any peanut butter cup just to make sure that the peanut butter is in there. Otherwise, he has a “snake jaw” and eats food faster than almost anyone. Giselle concluded there’s definitely more to life with two bites, I mean, the condiments have to be a part of this too. Please, no one challenge Dana to eating giant meatballs in one bite though, it won’t end well.

6:30 The Trend

By the end of the week, Super Bowl tickets could be going for around $1000 because the Patriots have been there a billion times now, so no one really cares. Starbucks says they will be hiring 10,000 refugees over the next five years. There are three big names that will not be at the Grammy’s this year: Drake is on tour, Kanye is boycotting and J Biebs is just dramatic.

6:50 To Hat or No Hat

Ben used to be self conscious about being bald as a lot of men are when they lose their hair, but now he’s embracing it. Over the weekend, he wore a baseball hat while we all hung out at TwinsFest. Giselle said, “You look cooler without trying,” and that gave him a little different edge, so that got everyone thinking: Hat or no hat? Summer is obvious for the whole sunburn thing, but should bald embrace it?

7:15 Sibling Problems

A lot of us have siblings, and that caused some havoc when we were younger. Ben used to hide in the freezer to freak out his brothers, and Giselle would be left playing hide and seek alone. We’ve all done something a little devilish, no shame in that.

7:50 $1000 Minute

Thank you to Steven, a brand new listener for playing a great and fun game of $1000 Minute. Play with Ben, Dana and Giselle everyday at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know

The end of the world might be near, seriously everyone is offended or angry about something on Facebook or Twitter, so if you had to be saved by your favorite super hero, who would it be? Ben is going straight to the independent, badass (and really hot) women to save him because obviously. Dana is asking for Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto to save him. Giselle is getting saved from another female favorite, Wonder Women. Intern Anna though….Squirrel Girl…and that’s where she got cut off. We heard from a lot of you who had some superheros who are definitely saving the day every day. 

8:50 Conspiracy Theories

We’re all a big fan of conspiracy theories and found a couple pretty outrageous ones online this morning. All those celebrities that died? Well, they’re totally alive, at least according to these ideas. First thing’s first: Tupac…alive. No one knows where his body is! That is absolutely crazy. Eminem, he’s dead though and there’s been a double replacing him since 2007. Lorde is lying about her age and let’s be honest here, Nicki Minaj and Jay Z…same person. More crazy ideas on Tuesday morning when we find out what really happened to Jon Benet Ramsey.

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