6:00 We’re back and Happy New Year!

Good morning all you party people out there, Ben, Dana and Giselle are back on air! It was a relaxing break filled with chicken wings and stops to the arcade. Ben’s question for Giselle and Intern Anna is: “What kind of stuff do girls lose in their bras?” A lot can happen down there like! B, D and G are giving away a lot of tickets all week long, listen in.

6:15 Mariah Carey Sucks

The year 2016 really went out the way it was with Mariah Carey just miserably screwing up her performance on Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. She blamed it on the sound check and the producers who just wanted ratings, whatever Mariah, we’re sending you back to 2016 with the rest of everyone’s regrets.

6:30 Save money doing this one thing!

If one of your resolutions was to save a little bit of extra money like Ben, there’s a list helping you out for a couple extra dollars. Update lightbulbs, don’t purchase bottled water, and buy generic brands. There’s one thing though that can save you nearly $2000 that Ben will be testing out for everyone. Two words: crock pot.

6:50 The Trend 

There will be a major highway closure at 169 in the Edina and Minnetonka area and it’s not going to be pretty. Thank you to Thrillist, who gave Minnesota the top spot in worst winters in the country. The Bachelor premiered on Monday night with 30 contestants hoping to catch Nick’s love.

7:15 Giselle is Heartbroken

Well, Giselle shared a bit of sad news with us today. She and her boyfriend of about a year have broken up. He was going through a lot with work and family, calling it quits on Christmas day. Although it was a mature choice, it’s still tough and break-ups suck. A puppy and focusing on herself is just what the doctor orders. Everyone loves you G!

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Tyler played the first game of $1000 Minute of 2017 and did pretty great. We play everyday at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know

The year 2016 was weird, we know and a lot of people died. Betty White made it out alive (thank goodness), but we lost people like Carrie Fisher and George Michael in the midst of the new year. So Ben wanted to know: “Who did you want to see die in 2016 that made it out alive.” Alright, that was morbid, maybe “What celebrity would you like to see go to Mars forever?”

8:30 Getting over a breakup sucks, but here’s a list of stuff to help.

Everyone has been through one and it really is no fun. We’re helping G out with some things to do (and not do) to get over this one. Archive your past relationship and get a tattoo. Ok, maybe not so many rash decisions but a puppy would definitely help. Do like Ben and get back into the gym, eat healthy and focus on you!

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