6:00 Happy Thursday

It is still pretty slippery out there and real chilly. Bundle up, start your car and listen in to Ben, Dana and Giselle. There are a lot of bands that come through Minnesota, but the local bands are really topping the list for most creative and best names around. Everyone loves 2007 band “Mel Gibson and the Pants,” but what about “Prozac Rat?” Our favorite for sure is the local band “The Miami Dolphins.”

6:15 Vacation Destination

The New York Times recently made their picks for the top vacation destinations of 2017. The top five rounds out with Botswana, Africa because who doesn’t want to see lions? Switzerland, India, and Chile taking top spots too, but you definitely won’t guess where the best place to visit is.

6:30 Marrying robots might be a thing.

Ben is looking for a nice lady to marry, bring him food, and enjoy his company. Well, it might be a thing now, iPal is a robot for kids 3-8 years old and the elderly, and apparently it is going to apparently replace babysitters. We’re not believing it just yet.

6:50 The Trend

Everyone saw that terrifying video of the twin toddlers tipping a dresser over and saving one another, but bad news, it’s fake, and Dana let you know why. Taco Bell is now healthy af with a fully loaded protein and “Al Fesco” menu. There is new entertainment coming to St. Paul and the name alone has us intrigued. Can Can Wonderland is set to open soon with all sorts of adult fun and even a secret bar.

7:15 Ask a Cop

Right when Officer Schmidt thought his Sunday shift was going to be easy breezy, he finished up his jumbo shrimp and out came the US Bank Protesters. He filled us in on all those crazy details, and what happens if you try to rock climb any stadium (it’s not good people). If you owned a business and a cop tried to catch speeders outside it, can you tell the cop to move? And Officer Schmidt also cleared up any rumors regarding all those foot chases and car chases we see all the time on television.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Ben, Dana and Giselle had a big day giving away another $1000 this morning to our friend Alyssa. She’s having a great day.

8:15 Get To Know

We might all have been pretty bad kids, but at least we were all in it together. At just 5 years old, Ben told his little brother to F*** off and blamed it on his dad. He was also getting in trouble for wearing beer-sponsored shirts and throwing oranges in the lunch room. Dana might have been quite the rascal growing up, starting fires on porches, throwing snowballs at cars, and going through his “tipping over port-o-potty” phase.

8:30 Make Us Laugh, please.

All we ask is for a good laugh, no jokes, nothing dull but maybe a funny voice or even a hilarious story. Don’t make us call a therapist and keep it short. East right? Thank you Emily for making us laugh, she won tickets to The Lumineers.

9:30 Thirsty Thursday

Welcome in, Indeed Brewing Company! Ryan from Indeed stopped by with a lot of beer and a lot of swag. They’re brewing up beers with names like Day Tripper and LSD, but don’t worry, LSD stands for “lavender, sunflower honey, and dates”. Check them out on Wednesdays when they donate all their profits to a non-profit of an employee’s choice.

9:50 Weekend Shenanigans

Glam Doll Donuts will be hosting the Grand Opening of their second location with free beer.

Marvel Bar is debuting a new menu on Sunday.

Afton Alps will be hosting the Brewers Battle Race and Ski Biking Extravaganza benefitting the fight against pediatric cancer.

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