6:00 Full Strength, Giselle is Back!

Giselle is back at it this morning after a couple rough days out sick, although she did hide in the corner far away from everyone so as to not get them sick as well. It was a packed morning for B, D and G with more Lumineers ticket giveaways and more qualifying chances to see Twenty One Pilots and Lucas Graham. Happy Friday party people!

6:15 Don’t clean your ears anymore!

A new study came out that stated that people should not clean their ears anymore (say what??). Ben is an every day kind of guy with his routine including a nice q-tip swish, G is once a week and Dana said screw it if the doctors say so. So should everyone just stop with the cigarettes for the ears? We’ll let you decide.

6:30 Two Truths and a Lie

We played Two Truths and Lie for a chance at The Lumineers tickets and there were a couple liars in the studio this morning. Scott is headed to The Lumineers, congrats!

6:50 The Trend

Here’s something to cheer about, there will be a new music venue right across the street from us near Target Field. It is hopefully going to break ground later in 2017. The Golden Gophers have a new head coach, 35 year old PJ Fleck. Finally, the Golden Globes are this weekend so you have Jimmy Fallon and some drunk celebrities to look forward too.

7:15 How to not be THAT guy at the gym?

At some point we have to talk to other people, and the gym might be the place to meet that special person. Ben and Dana said that there’s hope, but patience is key and you definitely don’t want to be the guy starring at some poor woman. Giselle said gym flirting is a no-go, because the gym is her time and no girl wants some guy stopping her on the treadmill.

7:30 $1000 Minute

Dana played this morning, not our Dana but a girl named Dana and she did…well she was okay. Heck, she took home money though which could be you every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna were giving Ben a hard time this morning about his coffee order. A small decaf (extra decaf) Americano with one Splenda and two ice cubes, it was the ice cubes that put everyone over. We heard from you about what makes you a little dramatic when you order. Intern Anna might have topped the list!

8:30 Creepy Guy Wants

Ben, Dana and Giselle found out just how to get Coachella this year, although there is a little bit of a catch. It is a 56 year old (creepy af) guy who will drive you there and let you stay in his vintage (pretty beat up) RV. He just wants to hold your hand, put you on his shoulders, watch you pluck your eyebrows, and keep your hand and feet moisturized at all times.

9:30 Foodie Friday: Pajarito 

Welcome Steve for stopping by from Parajito with all the salsa goodness. The new St. Paul taco hangout is not “Minnesota Mexican” this is the good stuff people. On top of the wood fired grill and tacos, they are serving up sweet and spicy drinks and guacamole. Happy Friday.

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