6:00 It’s Monday 

Are you drinking enough water? If that’s a part of your “New Year New Me” mantra, then you had better start drinking a lot of it. A new study released says that women need 96 oz of water per day and men need 125 oz to stay hydrated. The more sweaty you are, the more you need especially if bro-stuff is your thing (like getting super jacked in the gym). Drinking water has been a bit of a problem for our friends in Blaine over the weekend due to a system failure.

6:15 The Golden Globes 

The Golden Globes went on with some flat jokes, political speeches, and all-out WTF moments on Sunday night. Jimmy Fallon hosted the event and everyone was begging for more Justin Timberlake time. Meryl Streep was honored with a lifetime achievement award and had a very moving speech aimed at President-elect Donald Trump. Naturally, he thought it would be best to respond in a petty fashion.

6:30 Get Yourself Outside 

The winter blues are a thing because Minnesota just happens to get a little chilly in the winter time. What are some ways to get outside and pump up those endorphins? Snow shoeing or maybe a brisk walk around the lakes will get that chill right out. Dear Mother Nature, bring back the sun. Love, everyone in Minnesota ever.

6:50 The Trend 

The Golden Globes were on Sunday night, and with them came Meryl Streep’s moving anti-Trump speech. Gorillas should not be in Ohio because another one has died (of natural causes but still people…). The National Football League is officially in playoff season and Dana has a new team he’ll be rooting for to win it all.

7:15 The Top Reasons Women Swipe Left

There isn’t much hope anymore to get to meet someone without using the internet, but there are some things that are making women swipe left that you can learn to avoid. Minnesotans love to show off fishing pictures because it shows a sporty side right? No one likes the selfies in the front seat of the car or the dreaded mirror pics. So just avoid those!

7:30 $1000 Minute 

Jennafer tried her best at $1000 Minute this morning. Play with Ben, Dana and Giselle every day at 7:30am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Ben isn’t the right guy to invent an app (Dana and Giselle aren’t either), but we would all like to have something on our phones to make lives a little easier. Ben wants an app that that keeps track of food’s expiration dates to prevent waste. Dana is looking for an app that finds buffalo wings and specials in the area, and Giselle wanted to add a nacho component to that app. What app would you create for a better 2017?

8:30 The Lumineers 

Crazy, Stupid Trivia is one of Ben, Dana and Giselle’s favorite games so we obviously played to make Monday a little better. Congratulations to Leif who is headed to The Lumineers.

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