6:00 Anna’s Back

Welcome back Intern Anna, she’s not ever allowed to leave again. The gang is all back together, and thank goodness because who else would keep everything together, pick up breakfast, and make sure everyone is hydrated af?

6:15 Giselle Cried

Giselle cried for three hours strait. Nothing set her off, she just stared in the mirror and cried. She’s “emotionally vulnerable” and reflecting on her life, so crying is just really a release of emotions. Was yesterday a low point or was it just a rollercoaster of emotions? Ben did his research (“why do women cry?”) and found out that it’s normal, but maybe not for a whole three (or four) hours?

6:30 The Trend 

Amazon has an inventive new way of using drones that will make things a whole lot easier and more accurate. There has been a shake-up in late night hosts as Stephen Colbert has been gaining traction with the political humor. Love it or hate it, a rom-com is making a short film sequel giving everyone an update on all of your favorite Love Actually characters.

6:50 How much would it cost?

B, D and G found a new game that’s pretty interesting and really makes you question a lot. How much would it cost to never shop at a gas station ever again? Honestly, not as much as you might suspect. This one’s for Dana, how much would it take to never go to the arcade again? Enough to build his own, that’s how much. Giselle has to punch a panda and Intern Anna is getting paid-off to swear-off bars and the Kardashians.

7:15 Ask A Cop

Ask him anything, he’s a cop so he has to answer truthfully. Ben is wondering what time of year police say, “alright, it’s warm enough for the motorcycles.” Although Officer Schmidt doesn’t have the attention span for it, it’s really up to the cops who drive them. How does Officer Schmidt feel about a police dog chihuahua? What is the craziest call that he’s ever received? You might be surprised when you hear…and it has to do with aliens.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Our girl Katie kicked some butt playing $1000 Minute and took home the money money money. Play everyday at 7:50 a.m.

8:15 Get To Know 

What is something that you just suck at that you just wish you were a little better at? For Ben, he’s trying to go to the gym more, #NoDaysOff, and not ordering Dominos so much, because those two don’t really go together. For Dana, cutting veggies and using the dishwasher are tough, and adulting is hard work. G wants to be better at talking to strangers and boxing, but not at the same time because that would be a lot of aggressive behavior all at once.

8:50 How much would it cost? Seriously. 

No one could get enough of the new game, How Much Would It Cost? To Ben, how much would it cost to sell your puppy Harry? He can’t, no amount in the world for his child. Dana never wearing a bandana and vest? What about for Giselle to never wear makeup? Intern Anna giving up the Kardashians?

9:50 Weekend Shenanigans with Intern Anna 

Salsa is back at Lagos Tacos in Uptown and it’s not the kind you serve with chips.

Brews, Blues and BBQ at Modist Brewing Co. to get ll your beer and BBQ on Saturday starting at 5pm.

Restaurant Week starts on Sunday, go support your local favorites with a pre-fix lunch and dinner menus.

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