6:00 FRI-YAY

Happy weekend! Ben, Dana and Giselle are ready to start the weekend with Friday Jams. Ben and Giselle experienced some of yesterday’s protests as the kitchens at their favorite restaurants were short-staffed yesterday. The first caller of the day goes to Mitch, who is snagging $50 for Chuck and Dons, thanks DIVI.

6:15 You hate that, but…

Everybody has that one bad habit that you’re that you’re never going to change. For Ben, he has to make that walk of shame from the living room to the dishwasher when he runs out of cups. Giselle is THAT girl who always says, “I’m on the way” which means “I’m just starting to get ready.”

6:30 The Trend

Afton Alps is hosting a Chairlift Speed Dating event to help find your own snow bunny. Delta Airlines is bringing back free food…sort of. They will be offering cross-country options for free food with breakfast in the morning, and wraps and sandwiches in the afternoon. There are new standards in grocery stores as far as “best use by” and “best by” go that will make it easier for consumers.

6:50 The Five Second Game

Have you heard about it? The intense game that lasts just…you got that right, 5 seconds. How it works? You have five seconds to answer three questions about a particular theme. Good luck, you never know what Ben, Dana and Giselle might be giving away.

7:15 Alright, don’t be awkward. 

Ben is headed to a wedding by himself, where the only people he knows are the groom and the groom’s father. The last time he headed to a wedding alone, it didn’t go so hot. All of the scenarios running through his head involved awkward laughing and eating at the singles table. Our friend, Nina, called in with an amazing idea! Grab a camera, use it as a conversation starter, and then turn it into a wedding present. Damn Nina!

7:50 $1000 Minute

Stephanie knew who April was from Ninja Turtles, and she took home the money to prove it. Play every day at 7:45am with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

8:15 Get To Know 

It is not normal to not wear coats in February, and it’s going to be 65 degrees outside, so what are you planning to do in February? Ben is taking the pup, Harry, for a nice long walk (without a coat!!). Dana is throwing some meat in the smoker and taking out the hammock. Giselle is going to spend her time taking a stroll around Calhoun. Kick back and enjoy the weekend, spring is literally around the corner.

8:50 Celebrate the Good Good

Everything in the world has been pretty negative these days, well it’s Friday, B, D and G want the good good vibes. So tell everyone something good.

9:30 Foodie Friday: Bunny’s Northeast

Everyone knows Bunny’s in Saint Louis Park, now they have a new location in Northeast, and they still have a free taco bar in their newest location. From happy hour to popcorn, and your favorite sports on television, head on over and support local.

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