6:00 Long Weekends Rock

Happy Tuesday, it’s almost Wednesday, which is nearly Thursday, and that’s one day before Friday. Ben met a girl that he really likes and now he’s so over dating apps. God bless Intern Anna, she showed up still hammered from Monday night (yes, Presidents Day deserves celebration apparently), and Tuesday was a tad rough for her.

6:15 Typical 22 Year Old

Intern Anna was literally hammered on Monday morning, making everything just a bit more interesting. I mean heck, why would a 22 year old act any differently?

6:30 The Trend

Sunday liquor sales went through the House of Representatives and made history in Minnesota. The state is one of twelve to not allow Sunday sales. The school board in Osakis, a small Minnesotan town, is asking for pictures prior to Prom of girls dresses confirming the fingertip rule and covering up all evidence of promiscuity. Over the weekend, the Go family lost a beloved friend, Rod Simons, suddenly when he was on assignment in Florida. He will be missed.

6:50 The Great Sock Debate

After a heated off-air debate, Ben, Dana and Giselle couldn’t come to an agreement on a pretty important question: Socks or no socks, to bed that is. G might be the only one ever to suffocate her feet while she sleeps.

7:15 UFO’s Are Real

Cory Hepola, Kare 11’s weekend anchor, shared his story about UFO’s. They are real, people! It all started at a high school dance in his small hometown when he was just 17. Do you have an extraterrestrial story, or have you seen a UFO? Share it with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

7:50 $1000 Minute

Carmen played a round of $1000 Minute to kick off the week strong. Play along every day at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know

Intern Anna slowly got really hungover throughout the show this morning. Everyone has been there right? What is your go to hangover cure? Tacos, pizza, and a meaty omelet takes top spot. Sounds like exactly what Anna needed after the show on Tuesday.

8:50 Kid Movies…They are screwed up. 

You know all those movies that don’t really have a good story line…like Bambi? Seriously, the mom gets shot, Bambi is forced to live a life of solitude. It’s just awful. Mrs. Doubtfire probably should have landed Robin Williams’ character in jail, rather than scoring his own television show. Every other classic movie would end up with the child actors being thrown straight into therapy, no happy ending.

9:50 Free and Fun with Intern Anna 

Go back to the 90’s at Club Jäger on Thursday with an Alternative Dance Party starting at 8pm.

Beer, brats and painting, it doesn’t get better than that! New Bohemia is hosting on Tuesday starting at 7pm at their Golden Valley location.

Step Rockets tickets are still on sale for their show at Triple Rock on Saturday. Denny is opening up, you won’t want to miss out.

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