6:00 Good Morning!

Last night, Ben, Dana and Giselle headed hosted the premier of Get Out, scary! Ben bought a farm, ok not really but he did purchase a pretty realistic Playstation 4 game.

6:15 The Ex Factor

Intern Anna had a rough hangover yesterday, but of course the cherry on top was that she somehow ended up hanging with her ex too. She really just can’t shake him and needs your help.

6:30 The Trend

Jimmy Kimmel is considering early retirement, the president of Iceland is banning pineapple on pizza (no, he’s not actually, but would if he was a dictator), and a Minneapolis bar is trying to build the world’s largest Bloody Mary bar. B, D, G and Intern Anna are going to be in that line.

6:50 Florida or Wisconsin

B, D and G are always hooking you up with the best tickets, and this weekend Step Rockets will be at Triple Rock with the band Denny. How did they give them away? Playing Florida or Wisconsin of course! That’s the game where Dana reads an outrageous (and true) headline from either state and you have to guess which. Good luck!

7:15 UFOs Are Real

NASA is making a big announcement on Wednesday, and they have everyone convinced that aliens are real. Cory Hepola of KARE 11 called in to chat about his experiences with a real UFO, seriously you have to hear this story. So do you believe in life past earth?

7:50 $1000 Minute

Michele knew the sad ending of the Wild game last night but not the fast food restaurant “with the meats.” Play with B, D and G everyday at 7:45am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Maybe you’re superstitious about your favorite (40) jerseys that you wear for your favorite team like Dana, or that you always do stuff in threes like Ben. No matter what it is, everyone has a little bit of a superstition (Giselle’s is the number 13).

8:50 Upgrade Yo Life 

Adulting is hard and really expensive. There are a couple things you should upgrade, like your knife set? Apparently thats a thing, but Ben just uses his machete. Upgrading your towels is important, those grungy towels just aren’t cutting it. Some nice glassware is all-important when you’re hosting all those dinner parties. So spend the money and upgrade your life!

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