6:00 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

There is so much snow that no one could figure out how to get into work this morning. Just kidding! After the much-anticipated giant blizzard expected to hit Minneapolis, everyone woke up to nothing but some wind. It’s Friday, so kick back and let B, D and G get you just a little closer to the weekend.

6:15 Don’t Tell Your Kids

Do you ever think that your parents were just as crazy as you when they were your age? They never drank underage. They could never smoke or fall asleep under the Hennepin Avenue bridge (cough Ben). When everyone starts having kids, social media will be a tell all, and everyone gets a little screwed.

6:30 The Trend 

That super-blizzard was a bit of a bust, unless your living south of Owatonna that is, then we’re sorry. Saturday Night Live has some stellar hosts coming up, including new music from Lorde. The Oscars are this weekend and no one has really seen any of the movies, so La La Land anyone?

6:50 Would your boss be mad? 

Not everyone loves their job as much as B, D and G do, and sometimes you just don’t care. Ben used to take 45 minute naps and play video games in between shows (at his old job that wasn’t nearly as fun). Dana used just take the golf cart at the zoo for a disco nap. Do you have other things that would just really anger your boss? Probably, and you should share!

7:15 Our Family Won’t Be the Same

Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna wake up with you every morning, but sadly, someone will be leaving soon. Intern Anna has taken a big girl job in the real world, and will be leaving the morning show in just a couple short weeks.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Ryan wrapped up Friday with $1000 Minute, taking home enough money to buy the bar a round, right? Play along with B, D and G every day at 7:45am.

8:15 Get To Know

With liquor stores possibly becoming legal, and maybe even fireworks becoming legal, Minnesota is about to be a fun state. So let’s Get To Know what else you want to see legal, or illegal.

8:50 Husbands Do Annoying Things

G found a pretty hilarious list of all the annoying things that husbands do, so we called the only wife we know, Heather, Dana’s wife. She shared some funny details about Dana, and Ben taught us a new word: “fartled.” We’ll give you hint: Dana is guilty of it.

9:30 Foodie Friday 

Thank you to Kim from Barbette for stopping by the studio this morning with some yummy treats. Did you know there will be a new bubbly bar opening up soon called Trapeze, because everyone needs more bubbles in their life. Sustainable, local, and proud of be Minnesotan is what she’s all about and so is Go, so Go get brunch on every day (yes, really everyday).

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