6:00 Good morning it’s Monday

There was a lot of pizza and popcorn for Ben over the weekend, and he’s feeling all of those Heggie’s pizzas he bought, but today is the day that he’s getting back to the gym. Who else stayed up late to watch the blunder that was the Oscars? Giselle downloaded Bumble, the dating app, then deleted it, then re-downloaded it again.

6:15 Have you been with these type of men?

G is single, so the obviously thing to do would be to download Bumble, a dating app where girls talk first. After downloading it though, she deleted it. Now she has downloaded it again, Ben and Dana wanted to make sure she was ready for “the one.” There are seven types of guys, specifically, that she has to “get out of her system.” The total mismatch, the narcissistic womanizer, and the lit frat star are all not cool but everyone goes through it. So go out and find that nerd or sugar daddy, or what ever you’re into.

6:30 The Trend 

The Oscars were last night and La La Land was a good movie, but did not win best picture. Who’s getting fired? Someone really screwed up that one. Sunday liquor sales is maybe going to be a thing coming to Minnesota after a vote at the Senate. Bill Paxton passed away over the weekend after complications from surgery at age 61.

6:50 The “It” Foods

2016 was the year of kale, rainbow vegetables, and cold coffee, but it’s 2017 now, and it’s all about roasted radishes and smoked carrots. Seriously, everyone should try it. Get rid of that kale because kelp is coming in hot as the green food of the future. Forget about regular sushi, it’s about the deconstructed poke (Poh-kay) bowl. Anyone on board?

7:15 Petty Ways People Quit 

Everyone has worked in a job they hated, and you probably quit that job or just stopped showing up entirely, like Dana did at his rent-a-car job. Ben faked a knee surgery to get out of the quitting confrontation and Giselle accidentally found an ad for her replacement. Share with us your story before Intern Anna quits and everything falls apart, just kidding, the show might be ok….might.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Tom knew all about the Oscars last night but didn’t know who stole the box office this weekend, he took home some cash though. Play every day at 7:45am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Single and ready to mingle? The morning show is helping you with some perfect pick up lines that have worked for our hosts. Dana’s go to was “I was Macaulay Culkin’s stunt double in Home Alone 2,” and guess what? It worked a lot of the time. Blunt and to the point also works too because who doesn’t love some forward questions about not going home alone. Hey, you might even meet your one true love, and then you’ll have the morning show to thank.

8:50 Giselle’s Bumble Profile

Giselle is officially on Bumble, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pro right away. So she asked for a little advice from the professionals in the room, and Dana (not a professional with the whole met-his-wife-before-dating-apps-thing). Her profile was a little too long and too serious, stick with the short and sweet and hope for a little chuckle.

9:30 Free and Fun with Intern Anna

The Japanese House is playing at Triple Rock Social Club on Monday night at 8 PM.

Lake Monster Brewing is calling all Minnesotan home brewers. It kicks off Tuesday at 6:30 PM.

The Freehouse will be taking donations for new or gently used books and in return, you get 1/2 off breakfast. Happening all weekend long.

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