6:00 Hey Guys, It’s Friday

Ben’s parents are in town, so they checked out the new Lucky 13’s in Roseville . Dana went out to dinner with his wife last night because married life is bliss af. Giselle received quite the surprise when she found out the hard way that Nordstrom has changed their return policy, so yes, that means the world is ending. Everyone’s new favorite segment went to Heather who took home $25 and the first pair of Bishop tickets for Go Show in April.

6:15 Drunk Eats

GQ magazine recently ranked The Nicollet Diner as the best place for drunk eats in Minnesota. I mean, no one is complaining about boozy shakes, am I right? Ben and Dana headed to Burrito Loco in college, where the people-watching was almost better than the food…almost. Ben can’t turn down a party pizza, his own creation of a double decker sort of thing, and Dana used to wait for Burger King’s breakfast menu. What are you craving post bar close?

6:30 The Trend

There’s an event going on this weekend around 5:40am called the Super Bowl. It’s a small football thing that only millions of people watch. The Patriots are favorited and Lady Gaga will be performing on the roof. McDonald’s has debuted four new flavors of Shamrock Shakes and they are already out, yes, not kidding around here. Saturday Night Live is new this weekend with host Kristen Stewart.

6:50 Place Your Bets

There are some pretty hilarious prop bets out there for anyone to make a little money on. For example: what color hair will Lady Gaga have? You can place bets on puppies in the 13th Annual Puppy Bowl too. The winner between Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna will get to pick out the outfit we are all wearing for Polar Plunge: game changer.

7:15 Giselle is becoming an adult?

Giselle is looking into buying a house and being a big kid, so she needs a lot of questions answered. We talked to her realtor, Jay, about all things about buying a house. First things first, talk to a lender. Ben, Dana and Giselle answered all your questions about buying your first place. It’s all about location location location, and try not to get distracted by the “wow” factors like those nice fire places.

7:50 $1000 Minute

Anthony seriously ran through the questions and guessed right. You know what that means? He’s in the Ben, Dana and Giselle Hall of Fame taking home $1000.

8:15 Get To Know 

There’s a new dating app called Hater, ultimately it is a service that pairs up people with mutual hate of things. For Ben, being a Packer fan is a deal breaker so he would find some people who also hate on the Packers. Dana, if not in a wonderful happy loving marriage, would look for someone who hate condiments just as much as him. We heard from you about what you would add to your hater list.

8:50 Vibes: The Cool New Ear Plugs

Thank you Jackson Mann, now Shark Tank star, for popping by the studio to hang out and tell us all about how his time on Shark Tank went and just how he got the idea for Vibes. Minneapolis, local, and saving your ears a little bit longer at all those Go Shows.

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