6:00 Weekend Fun

Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna hung out at Red Bull Crashed Ice over the weekend with DIVI. Big thank you to everyone who came to hang out, I mean seriously though who could turn down a giant Yeti? A couple of people became pretty concerned with Intern Anna’s drinking habits though.

The Falcons dropped the ball in the Super Bowl last night as the Patriots came back with more than 10 points down. Lady Gaga was amazing and she jumped off the roof to really blow everyone’s mind. She announced a world tour, and will be stopping in St. Paul on August 21, 2017.

6:15 Super Bowl Commercials

A couple of commercials pulled at your heartstrings, made you laugh, and failed completely during the Super Bowl on Sunday night. Justin Bieber’s T-Mobile commercial was just awful. The Audi commercial for the girls made everyone emotional and Dana was really excited for the Fast and Furious 8 trailer. Oh, and happy Monday, Ben said “gyrating butt cheeks.”

6:30 The Trend

There was a pretty big football game last night, they call it the “Super Bowl.” Tom Brady took home his 5th MVP title. Lady Gaga performed at half time and absolutely slayed #MicDrop. Melissa McCarthy put on her best Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live.

6:50 Prop Bet Results

Last week, Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna placed their prop bets on everything from the color of Luke Bryan’s pants to Lady Gaga’s hair. The winner gets to decide just what the team will wear to the Polar Plunge on Thursday afternoon.

Check out page here >>> https://reg.plungemn.org/team/bendanaandgiselleongo963

7:15 Road Trippin’

Everyone has those favorite road trip snacks. No surprise that Ben and Dana love themselves some jerky. Ben is always on the Nibs or Funyuns. Dana is a big fan of Combos. We heard from you on whether you were chowing on candies or your favorite fast food burger. What ever it is, drive safe and get grub on.

7:50 $1000 Minute

What is the capital of Des Moines? Don’t know the answer? Liz didn’t know either because that was the answer. Play along everyday at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know 

The countdown is now on until Minneapolis will be the host city for Super Bowl 52. Who do you want to see at the halftime performance? Ben is obviously picking Green Day. Technology is great these days and Giselle wants to see hologram Prince perform. There are heavy bets on Taylor Swift or Adele taking the stage though. God forbid anyone even mentions Bob Dylan.

8:50 Love Help

We heard from a couple of friends about whether or not Valentine’s Day was the day to celebrate with that new S.O. Maybe you’ve only been seeing each other for a couple of weeks, or it’s just too new to do the big day of love. Real talk, have fun though and acknowledge the day of love.

9:30 Week Time Shenanigans with Intern Anna 

Heart Bombing at Inbound Brewco on Wednesday where you can drink and craft.

Pillows + Pints going down at Able Seedhouse and Brewery. It’s like a movie night with beer.

Valentine’s Made By Hands Mini Market at Bauhaus Brew Labs this week for the perfect opportunity to buy something special and local.

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