6:00 Good Morning!

We kicked off the morning with “Good Morning” in Mandarin, it’s what all the cool kids are singing in China. Thank you, Ben for the amazing wake up. Dana had a crazy Monday night making tacos NOT ON A TUESDAY. That’s really just living life to the fullest. Giselle continued her search for a home that Ben and Dana require has a pool. Nurse Beth was the first caller of the day, winning John Wick Chapter 2 movie passes and breakfast on Go with a $25 gift card.

6:15 You Won’t Need That in 10 Years

Ben found a list of tech that won’t be around in maybe just a couple of years. Traffic lights and roads, yes, roads will be gone in 10 years. Why? Cars will fly. Dana is sick of all the cords and phone chargers, well, it’s all going to be wireless soon so plugging stuff in will never be a problem at the bar again. Physical credit cards, remote controls and gaming systems are all going to be obsolete af.

6:30 The Trend

A Flamin’ Hot Harambe Cheeto sold for $99,000 on eBay. Mic drop. Tom Brady’s game worn jersey is still missing and now the police have gotten involved. There was a UFO spotted on 94 and caused quite the stir in Michigan and Ohio.

6:50 Update: Crying is for Babies

Ever just need a good cry? Maybe you’re just feeling a little emotional. There’s a list out there of all the best places to take a cry. First up, on the floor of your bathroom, because standing up or just being in your bathroom isn’t emotional enough. Behind those 3D glasses at Toy Story 3, also a great place to shed some tears. Any form of transportation too, because everyone always cries on buses.

7:15 Worst. Roommate. Ever.

Somebody invented a passive-aggressive food locker that locks out any food stealing roomies. Giselle revealed that she might be the worst possible roommate when it comes to stealing other people’s food. What other awful roommate stories do you have? Poorly-behaved pets and keeping old food in the fridge might be just as bad as eating their food.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Kyle played and couldn’t quite name Fitz and the Tantrums but still took home cash money. Play everyday at 7:45am.

8:15 Get To Know

Valentine’s Day just isn’t what it used to be anymore, at least not like 7th grade when Dana bought a teddy bear and wrote a poem for his then girlfriend. You know those poems that spell your name vertically with cute adjectives? That kind. Ben got silk boxers in high school from his Valentine, really topping the list for best V-Day ever. What do you do for Valentine’s Day or is it just another day for you?

8:50 Hall Pass

Dana and his wife Heather (somehow) got onto the topic of their celebrity “exceptions” (the ones that they could forgive the other for hooking up with). Dana started at the top with Anna Kendrick and moved down to Chrissy Teigan, although both were turned down. Finally moving down the list all the way to a unlikely candidate. Find out just who gets the hall pass.

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