6:00 WWE is a Thing

Ben and Dana headed over to WWE Smackdown last night, and don’t worry if you don’t know what WWE is, because B and D will fill you in. Think of something like a play, a soap opera, and sports event all at the same time. There were some emotionally invested people there last night, hounding John Cena and all the WWE Divas that made their way to Minnesota last night.

6:15 Another List

Minnesota is pretty much good at everything, seriously, the state was just ranked number 3 for being pretty much awesome at economy, education and other important stuff for the well-being of people. But what about Minnesota’s neighbors? You’d have to scroll all the way to number 15 just to find South Dakota and 16 for Wisconsin. So in “Minnesota nice” nature, B, D and G gave a call to a gas station in Wisconsin to make sure they knew who was better. Let’s just say, it might have backfired a tad.

6:30 The Trend 

A lot of people were having issues with the internet yesterday and it was all Amazon’s fault. Who knew they owned pretty much everything, including the servers for websites like Netflix. YouTube announced they will be offering live television including sports to catch your favorite Twins baseball and there’s unlimited DVR space…game changer. Target did not come out of 2016 as successfully as they hoped, and are announcing that they will be slashing prices and bringing in twelve new brands.

6:50 Minnesotan Foods 

The Food Network, as if they knew anything about Minnesotan delicacies, made a list for some “iconic” Minnesotan dishes, but Ben, Dana and Giselle can’t completely agree. First off, does anyone know why the hell artisan breads is apparently so Minnesotan? What about polish sausage and bar cookies (Rice Krispies treats, Special K bars etc.), is that Minnesotan? B, D and G are more on board with that one instead of….what the hell is Gravlax? Honestly, who are these people? Have they been to Minnesota? Where are the Pronto Pups and Cheese on a Stick? Countdown to the State Fair: 176 Days.

7:15 Do we really need this?

Now that the Nokia brick phone is coming back into the lives of the fortunate 90’s kids, there’s another phone to hit the market. Thank you Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump for the revival of the Blackberry (doesn’t everyone miss the keyboard?). Zima, that bubbly alcoholic drink, is making a come back bidding the question, do we really need this?

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Eugene knew all about Justin Bieber songs and where WWE was at last night, but not who sang the song “Ride.” He took home money on hump day, you could too, everyday at 7:45am with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

8:15 Get to Know 

Whether you are observing Lent or not, Catholics are giving up something for their betterment in a time of reflection. So what would you give up this year? Ben has deleted his dating apps, yes seriously, and purchased a farm (PS4). Dana would….maybe give up chicken wings but let’s be real. Giselle is giving up cheese (Why? No one knows and B, D and Intern Anna give her four days max), and she will also be running 40 miles. Intern Anna is donating 40 items throughout Lent. Sweets, pop, drinking (yes, alcohol), and social media are topping your list of what you would give up during the season.

8:50 Ben (might) have a girl (more than a friend). 

Something is happening to Ben and it is starting to feel like love might be in the air. He’s playing pretty coy though, and he has another date tonight. There are three qualifications: Jesus, Obama, and the Vikings (or an absolute hate for the Packers) and she qualifies. Ben, Dana and Giselle have a pretty cool, job but it’s also a job that means privacy isn’t really a thing, so that’s why Ben isn’t saying anything. Good bye to dating apps and hello to….love?

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