It’s $5k and a Flyaway with Ben, Dana and Giselle!

Wake up with Go 96.3 every morning. At 6:10, 7:10, 8:10 and 9:10 our DJs will give you a keyword. Then, you’ll have 9 minutes and 63 seconds to text that keyword to 651-989-9696. The text machine will pick a number at random and call you from an unknown number… If you answer your phone with, “Mornings Suck Less with Ben, Dana and Giselle on Go 96-3” you’re qualified for the $5k and a Flyaway! It’s easy and fun, so play along every morning and tell everyone you know to better your chances.

Today was National Pi Day (3.14)! Can you believe the penalty Surdyk’s has to pay for being open (illegally) last Sunday!? We learned how to fill out our NCAA March Madness Brackets, talked about the best way to get your stuff back from an ex, the annoying things our coworkers do and the weird stuff we all collect.

Click below to hear Ben, Dana and Giselle from Tuesday, March 14th.

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