6:00 FRI-YAY

Good morning and happy Friday, Ben, Dana and Giselle were celebrating the good times this morning, because why the heck not? The weather is going to be amazing this weekend so please go out, grab the vitamin D.

6:15 The Great Debate: Cargo Shorts

The Internet, the media, the world have come to debate one piece of men’s clothing that has a lot of pockets: Cargo shorts. In today’s Great Debate, Giselle is anti-cargo because who needs those kind of pockets? Apparently a lot of you. Ben and Dana rock the cargo shorts when they can….because apparently they needed some extra room for a wallet, sunglasses, GameBoy, headphones, hamster, and a canoe. What’s your stance?

6:30 The Trend 

Saturday Night Live is back this week with host Octavia Spencer. The last installment of the Wolverine series, Logan, is receiving 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and out this weekend. Ed Sheeran got hammered at a dive in Japan with Justin Bieber (let’s start there). After getting drunk while Biebs stuck with water, they headed to a golf course and stuck a tee in Beiber’s mouth while Ed took a big swing. It didn’t end well.

6:50 Oh Hell Nah 

Ever hear about something that made you say “OH HELL NAH?” Well, B, D and G have a story about the Peep Oreos turning your poo pink. Then Intern Anna had to “peep” in and tell her story of glitter-poo. OH HELL NAH.

7:15 B, D and G are SUITE! 

Are you cool enough to hang with Ben, Dana and Giselle? They hosted a big suite with the best views when Twenty One Pilots and Blink 182 stopped by town. Well, they are hooking you up with another chance to hang out with your favorite morning show at Panic at the Disco. So, are you cool enough? Louie is headed to the Xcel Center on March 12.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Bill was so close to stealing that $1000 in one minute but couldn’t quite answer all 10. Play with B, D and G at 7:45am again on Monday.

8:15 Get To Know 

(Most) Everyone has had their first kiss, and everyone (seriously, everyone) has had some horrific, awful, sad experience getting your kissy face on. Back in high school, Ben nearly lost his lips when a girlfriend nearly bit them off. Dana was making out with his girlfriend at the time, she had her tongue pierced….and it didn’t exactly stay pierced the whole time. The best goes to Heather, Dana’s wife, who has a very interesting kiss with an 87 year old.

9:30 Foodie Friday 

Hello D- Spot! No one even has words to say after Chef Darin Koch and his team stopped by with wings, on wings, on wings. Here’s a fun fact for you: D-Spot offers 589 flavors of wings. That’s right, the mad scientist himself, Chef Darin, created combinations of flavors with names like the Tarantula, Blue Moon, and VooDoo. B, D and G don’t mess around with their wings. Go now, Go local, Go wings!

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