6:00 How was the weekend? 

Ben had a date on Friday night and she cooked for him, romantic right? Dana and Giselle are seriously wondering when they get to meet this amazing girl. Giselle ate cheese (alright, no one is surprised) while she was drunk and talked with God, so she’s in the clear. It is a big week for B, D and G because they’re celebrating Panic! At the Disco week. At 7:10am and 9:10am everyday, listen for your chance to meet the band, snag tickets, and hang with B, D and G. Whattttt??

6:15 Brunch Drinks 

Brunch, it’s a thing millennial’s seem to be obsessed with (also being called a millennial, so fun right?). There are other options at brunch than the go-to Bloody Mary or mimosa, however. Maybe a tequila sunrise? If sunrise is in the name, it has to be good. Beer-mosas, Captain and OJ, and screwdrivers are all great options if you aren’t feeling the tomato juice in the morning.

6:30 The Trend 

There is now a beer hotel in Ohio, so book your flight now. A theater in Alabama will not be showing the upcoming Beauty and the Beast because of an openly gay character. Deadpool 2 dropped the first trailer and it’s not coming soon enough.

6:50 Swipe right? Swipe left? 

Giselle is on the dating app lifestyle, she’s been swiping for a couple of weeks now. Now she’s been finding some people she already knows, and isn’t sure whether to swipe left or right. Is that leading someone on, or just reconnecting with some people? Does getting drinks with someone mean that they are just trying to get with them? The answer is most likely yes.

7:15 Can You Hang? 

Ben, Dana and Giselle have a suite booked for Sunday night, so listen for your chance to hang with the best morning show in cities. On top of hanging out with Ben, Dana and Giselle, you also get to meet Panic! At the Disco! Go 96.3 is the only station that can hook you up with that.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Michele was rolling this morning playing along with Ben, Dana and Giselle. We play everyday at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know 

The gym? Remember that place that you tried to go back to after the new year? Well you should get back, but what would the one thing be that could convince you to hit the gym regularly and get some endorphins moving? In California, there is a gym promoting getting really high on weed.

8:50 Intern Anna is Actually Leaving 

Intern Anna has some anxiety about her new big girl job coming up. She’s (actually) leaving in just a couple short days, Friday is her last day. What advice do you have for her? Maybe don’t get drunk at work functions (cough, GoFest 2016).

9:15 Fifth Row Baby 

Congratulations to Hailee who is headed to Panic! at the Disco this weekend with 5th row seats and that means tomorrow we have 4th row seats. And on Wednesday? 3rd row. You get the picture right?

9:30 Free and Fun with Intern Anna (Goodbye Forever) 

The Pint is hosting Means Girls trivia night Monday at 8pm.

Tattersall Distilling is giving back with Angel After Hours for Minnesota Oncology. Craft cocktails and New Bohemia food truck will be there, check them out.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room while they have trivia night with food and drink specials all Tuesday night.

Did you know every Thursday from 5-9pm it is free to head on over to the Walker Art Center and get cultured? No? Now you do!

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