6:00 Tuesday, that’s half way to Thursday.

Intern Anna, what a blessing to the world, brought in spinach artichoke dip for everyone yesterday before eating most of it last night. Ben headed to the gym yesterday and Dana went for some Vietnamese food. Giselle got her deep clean on in her bathroom before her big move and caught up on all The Bachelor drama last night. Thanks for hanging with Ben, Dana and Giselle this morning!

6:15 Before You Die

Dana found a list of the top 50 foods in Minnesota that you have to try before you die. Coming in at number ten is anything from Pizzeria Lola, and some how the iconic Matt’s Bar’s Jucy Lucy came in at only number nine. The top four were too controversial for B, D and G, so they are creating their own bucket list of food. What do you think should be on there?

6:30 The Trend 

Chance the Rapper is the coolest person ever, and after his sit down with the Governor of Illinois didn’t end well, he decided that he would be donating $1,000,000 to Chicago Public Schools. It’s National Pancake day and iHop is offering a pretty awesome deal that also gives back. Alec Baldwin is considering retiring Saturday Night Live’s character, Donald Trump.

6:50 The Boyfriend and Girlfriend Conversation 

Well, the show is laying everything out on the radio this morning. Ben is (maybe, possibly, no one knows) in a relationship but hasn’t had THAT conversation yet. Is he “going steady?” Is it cool to call someone a girlfriend or boyfriend or even a lady friend before having that talk? Everyone should just use Dana’s methodology where he got drunk and asked his now-wife to be his girlfriend. It worked though, right?

7:15 PANIC! 

Can you hang? Ben, Dana, and Giselle have a suite all to themselves and…backstage passes to hang with the band. They need to know you would be cool enough to hang all night long. Congratulations to Tim, he’s going to be kicking it on Sunday at the Xcel.

7:50 $1000 Minute 

Spencer from Fridley called in and seriously got so close, but couldn’t close on why the T-Wolves games got canceled. He took home $90 on Tuesday. Play along every day at 7:50am.

8:15 Get To Know 

Samuel L. Jackson admitted to watching “judge” shows, yes, like Judge Judy, all day at work. What is your guilty pleasure in television? Ben keeps up with The Duggar’s on Counting On. Dana loves his Rachel Ray every afternoon, even keeping a copy of 30 Minute Meals on DVD. Giselle is for anything spun off from The Bachelor. Who can forget about the ultimate in Sunday hangover marathon shows: Bar Rescue?

8:50 The Great Debate 

Girl Scout cookies. Apparently, Ben and Dana just aren’t fans of Girl Scout cookies and would choose a Double Stuffed Oreo every time. Do you think Thin Mints are God’s gift from the heavens, or more of a chocolate toothpaste? Join in on The Great Debate with Ben, Dana and Giselle.

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