6:00 Thursday Whassup?

Who went on a date last night? Ben? Intern Anna? The world doesn’t know but one thing is for sure, Ben has a girlfriend. He’s also thinking about joining Minnesota’s curling club (the sport, not the hair). A big shoutout to Abby for being the first caller of the day, she’s headed to Cold War Kids at First Ave.

6:15 Do you want to be a millionaire?

Ben, Dana, Giselle and Intern Anna might never be millionaires, but if they follow these steps they could have a better chance. They are working on the whole “sleep well, eat well” part of becoming a millionaire. Live in the present, be grateful and start saying no.

6:30 The Trend 

Al Franken held his annual hot dish competition and the winner used some pretty exotic meat. Anyone up for bear? Kids these days aren’t just stealing their parents beer anymore, they are turning to hand sanitizer to get buzzed. If you’re hot and rich, you could be a lucky member of Tinder Select, which aims to join hot people together in one place.

6:50 Ben has a girlfriend! 

Someone got pretty red in the face this morning because we’re talking about ~love~ and Ben. He’s officially got a girlfriend, and the way he asked will make you believe in love again.

7:10 PANIC! 

It is almost the last day to get into the exclusive Ben, Dana and Giselle suite to meet and greet Panic! at the Disco this Sunday. Friday is your last chance in!

7:50 $1000 Minute 

It was a huge day on Ben, Dana and Giselle because Brent won $1000! Seriously, why is the morning show so awesome?

8:15 Get To Know 

If you had an unlimited amount of money, what kind of extravagant birthday party would you throw? Ben wants everyone to get into a cheese, mayo and sour cream pool! Dana is taking on a Royal Rumble-themed WWF party. Giselle is having herself a Double Quinceañera and bringing in a Selena hologram.

8:50 Ask a Cop 

Officer Cory Schmidt is stopping by the studio at his new time every week. All of your cop questions were answered, like “What happens if you call the cops on your neighbors?” and “Why can’t people have tinted windows?” Thanks as always to Officer Cory for stopping by, and thanks to the Minneapolis Police Department.

9:30 Thirsty Thursday 

A big thank you to Twin Spirits for stopping by to celebrate Thirsty Thursday. They have a new cocktail room that they can’t wait to show off. It is the first distillery owned soley by a woman in Minnesota, and what better way to celebrate strong women than with strong spirits? She makes her vodka with sugar cane and her moonshine with honey. Check out B, D and G’s favorite drink, the Gin and Jam.

9:50 The Last Ever Weekend Shenanigans with Intern Anna 

LuckyPalooza on West 7th is the only way to kick off St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul, and while you’re down there, head on over to the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament.

If you’re feeling Irish, Minneapolis is hosting the Shamrock Stumble starting at 12pm on Saturday.

Chris Rock is hosting three nights at the Orpheum and tickets are still available.

Atmosphere is going to be reopening The Palace in Saint Paul on March 10.

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