Ben’s 16 year old Pug Harry has had a tough couple of weeks and Ben needs help. So many gut-wrenching decisions about the worst part of loving a pet. Listen to what has happened and how you think Ben can best honor Harry through all of this.

$1000 Minute: Brad from Oakdale played today for our new GRAND PRIZE! Two pair of tickets to the SOLD OUT Angel’s and Airwaves Go Show tickets, backstage passes to meet Tom DeLonge and two rooms at the Radisson Red in Downtown Minneapolis.

Are you having trouble sleeping? 80% of us are according to a recent study. #GoFam member Sarah Moe from Sleep Health Specialists called in to Ben and Dana because both of them are struggling almost every night. Maybe her tips will be able to help you be your best self.

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1 thought on “Ben shares painful news – Ben and Dana’s Showcast

  1. I heard about Ben’s dog on the way to work this morning. I’ve been in your position and it is never easy. I’ve been lucky in that my past pets’ health more or less decided for me. I also had a cat I was very close to and he “told” me when it was time. I think you just have to weigh the good and the bad. Really focus on quality of life vs quantity. When you think or know it’s time, I can not recommend enough the services of MNPets ( They come to your home and make the process so much more peaceful than dragging your poor dog to the vet’s office. I love my normal vet, but I would never do an office euthanasia again. They also have counselors that can help you before and after. Everyone I’ve referred to MNPets has been very satisfied with their services.

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