Football is finally back! Go Radio’s resident Purple and Gold Superfan Ben will be guessing the spread before every Vikings game, and our #GoFam get to decide his punishment if he’s wrong. You can cheer (and probably cry) along with the Vikings and Ben, Dana and Giselle all season long on Go 96.3’s Morning Show. SKOL!

Finally, and easy week! After battling their hated Green Bay Packers t0 a tie last week, the Vikings caught a bit of a breather this week with a game against the lowly Buffalo Bills. Vegas is placing the Purple’s advantage at a whopping 17 points, the highest ever recorded for our team. Still, Ben’s a little afraid of bad karma, so he’s predicting the following: The Vikings will beat the Bills by Two Touchdowns. 

Comment below to let Ben know what his punishment should be if he guesses wrong, and listen in on Monday at 6:45am to hear Dana and Giselle dole it out on air!

1 thought on “Ben’s Vikings Game Day Guarantees: Buffalo Bills

  1. We’ll let you off easy. Wear a bills jersey while eating some chicken wings during the show professing that the bills didn’t just cover the spread. They kicked your ass !!!

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