Football is finally back! Go Radio’s resident Purple and Gold Superfan Ben will be guessing the spread before every Vikings game, and our #GoFam get to decide his punishment if he’s wrong. You can cheer (and probably cry) along with the Vikings and Ben, Dana and Giselle all season long on Go 96.3’s Morning Show. SKOL!

This year is going to be special for the Minnesota Vikings and us fans. We have a defense that no one can score on and we gave all the money ever invented to a very capable and overly competent quarterback. What else do you need to win every game every week?

So, instead of picking the Vikings to win or lose on any given Sunday, that’s too easy… Not only will I predict who wins, but I’ll tell you by how many points.

This week, I predicted the Vikings would win by 10 points and they would’ve if stupid things didn’t happen. We had the ball with time running out and they chose to take a penalty instead of kicking a field goal so here I am… At the mercy of your punishment suggestions and Dana and Giselle’s choosing.

This morning, Giselle brought in some hot wax and dug her fingers in my nose only to yank and rip it clean. Thank you. That was refreshing.

Watch for next week’s video prediction about the Vikings/Packers game and when you see it. Comment below on what you think I should have to do Monday morning at 6:45 on Go 96.3 if I’m wrong.

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